Is Internet Gaming a Disappointment in the US?


There are plenty of people around the world who go online to play slots games and other casino games from time to time. Some do it for fun and others do it while wagering real cash. Either way though, it can be a lot tougher to find an online gaming site that will have you if you are in America.

Lots of casinos - not many are US friendly

It isn't difficult to find a list of websites that offer online gaming. It could be a case of finding sites that offer casino table games or ones that offer slots games. However, as soon as you start looking to see which players they will accept from which countries, you'll find a big list of sites that aren't open to US players.

Is it worth playing online at all?

Sure it is - provided you know where to go. The AC Casino accepts players from the US, as does the Bovada Casino. There are lots of others as well but you should consider the best ones on offer. Some online sites haven't had a good response from players so it is worth exploring the internet and doing some research to see which ones will give you the best and most reliable service.

Will internet gaming get better in the future for US players?

There is really no way to tell for sure. Legislation could put a stop to online gaming completely for US players in the future, or it could be turned on its head and many other sites will be able to open their doors.

It is probably the uncertainty surrounding the issue for American players that is the most frustrating of all. There have been cases where players have used a casino for quite some time with no issues at all, only to find one day that their doors have been closed to American players.

Don't be caught out by unscrupulous casinos!

It is worth remembering that some casinos say they welcome US players when all they are doing is trying to scam you. Be wary of new casinos and stick with the ones that have been around for some time, like the two mentioned above. This will help minimize the danger of being scammed when you play in the US. Whatever you do, there are still options - there are just less of them than there was before.

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