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Chase the Cheddar Slots

It is very difficult to quantify the success of a casino in just one shot at the games but thankfully all good casinos are audited by outside auditors such as Price Waterhouse and the results are made public, therefore giving customers a chance to see the true results and percentage payouts for different players. On a monthly basis you can find all of the results of the audits of the top online casinos. These results are posted as a percentage payout. It is important to note that if a casino is reported as having a percentage payout of 95%, it does not mean that for every $100 you put in, you will only lose 5% i.e. make 95%. What it means is that over a time period of 6 months or a year, there is a total return from the casino to the customer of 95%. This 95% includes the bonus payouts in addition to the jackpots and progressive jackpots. Often you can find the percentage payouts divided up per type of game as well, which include Pokers, Table Games, Video Pokers and slots.

Liberty Slots Casino Payouts and Bonuses

The top casinos that accept US players are also very high paying casinos. But when you look at their percentage payouts, you must also look at what else the casino has to offer. Take Liberty Slots Casino which has an advertised and confirmed payout percentage of 96.5%. This total payout percentage also takes into account the magnificent introductory bonus of $100%. In addition at Liberty Slots Casino you have many progressive games which include progressive slots, Poker and Blackjack. These all contribute to the high payout percentage that is advertised. In addition Liberty Slots Casino is known for its Tournaments which offer $75000 in prize money on a monthly basis and cost very little to enter the entry fees range from nothing to $25 for the large paying tournaments. Read our Liberty Slots Casino review.

The Cherry on the Icing at Lincoln Casino

Lincoln casino from the Wager Gaming Technology group as Liberty Slots casino is another casino that accepts US players and has a high percentage payout. The percentage payout at Lincoln casino is 98.7% and like its sister casino is made up of some great games with fantastic opportunities in addition to very generous welcome bonuses and ongoing bonuses that are paid out to regular and loyal players on a daily and weekly basis. Weekend bonuses adorn your screen at Lincoln Casino where the stakes are higher but so are the bonuses and there are plenty of Progressive games which are shared amongst all of the WTG casinos giving you even more chances to win and therefore increasing the payout percentages. Lincoln casino is one of the most attractive casinos for US Players because of its high payout percentage and of course the amazing range of games that it has in addition to around the clock customer service, easy payment methods and non stop bonuses. Read our Lincoln Casino review.

Astounding Slots.LV Casino Bonuses Add to High Payout

Slots.LV Casino is considered to be the top casino that accepts US players and has the highest payout percentage of 98.5%. At Slots.LV Casino apart from the fantastic match up sign up bonus of $5,000, $1,000 bonus for playing table games and $7,777 Vegas Vacation bonus for playing slots. All of these bonuses compliment and add to the high payout percentage that is charted at Slots.LV casino.Slots.LV offers plenty of other bonuses which also contribute to the high payout percentage in addition to a great VIP membership and fantastic security which also exudes confidence in play. Read our Slots.LV Casino review.