Fast Wire

For many people Fast Wire is the only way to send money to casinos when choosing to play online. It is a direct bank to bank transfer, no frills and no skills needed.

Fast Wire; the Direct Bank Transfer Option

Fast Wire is a direct bank to bank transfer that you can choose as one of your online payment options. It is simple and easy to use. All that you need is to find out the details of the casino bank that you are transferring money to including their address and account number and then you complete a bank wire transfer to the casino. The bank wire transfer needs to show a number of important points: it must have the name and account number of your casino account, the amount that you want to transfer, swift code and who the transfer is in favor of. It is very important that you check these details before you start the transfer process and double check them again to make sure that they are 100% correct.

Notify the Casino of Your Bank Wire Transfer

With a Fast Wire, you are in fact directly transferring funds from your own bank account to the bank account of the casino. It is not enough just to send the transfer you will also have to notify the casino that you are sending the money with details of the transfer. These details include a confirmation of the transfer from the bank, the IBAN (international banking number) and a copy of the swift code. Once you have received these from your bank, you will need to send them to your casino via email which will be titled with the amount you are sending and from what bank and for which casino account and name.

Casino Benefits and Bonuses for Using Fast Wire

Fast Wire transfers although totally secure and one of the most trustworthy ways of making payments are not instant. In some cases the transfer can take up to 3 days to appear in the casino account. But, casino managements are very aware of this and as a result like to compensate players who use Fast Wire transfer by giving them extra match up bonuses and in some cases forwarding them the bonus in order to start playing before the money has even arrived in the casino account. Fast Wire is direct and easy to use, there are no fees and it does not need any pre registration or further account holding like with other online payment options, which is one of the reasons why it is the preferred payment choice for many online casino players.

Fast Wire casinos: