Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Blackjack continues to get better and better every time with updates and changes to keep the game more breathtaking than ever before. You will find many interesting games at online casinos and one such games is known as Perfect Pairs which happens to come with the traditional blackjack players have come to associate with fun. Find more twists with the game over the Internet and discover the game that is well loved has evolved into something more than your usual blackjack game.

You can choose to play Blackjack Perfect Pairs for fun or play for money. If you opt to play for fun, you can immediately start playing without having to register first.

Concept of the Perfect Pairs Game

You will find blackjack Perfect Pairs an optional game where you can do what you do best – betting. Your bet for this game will win should the initial cards dealt happens to be a pair, where the name actually came from. On the other hand, if the cards happen to be non-pairs, then you would lose the bet. So you want to know what pairs specifically are we looking for? Then read on.

Three categories under Perfect Pairs

There are three categories under Perfect Pairs. The first one is called mixed pair where you get cards of the same value but with different colors such as Ace of Diamonds and Ace of Spades. This type of pair pays you 5:1. The second category is colored pair which is almost the same as the mixed pair except that, this time, the colors are similar but suits should be different. An example is King of Clover and King of Spades. The payout is double that of the mixed pair with 10:1. The third category is the ultimate perfect pair meaning same value and same suit. So, think of two Jacks of Hearts and the like, and you get the chance to grab 30:1 of your bet!


When you look at the blackjack table, you will find the Perfect Pairs, spot ahead of box for blackjack cards. You will need to bet on one regular game for blackjack with the cards drawn for that hand before you are allowed to bet for Perfect Pairs. For each blackjack box, priority will be awarded to the player who bet on the hand for blackjack for play at that box. Get a chance to win on your bet for the regular hand and Perfect Pairs.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs tournaments

No luck with online slot torrnaments? Why not to try Blackjack Perfect Pairs Tournaments instead? Why not to prove to the world how skilled you are in this very serious game and win. Blackjack Perfect Pairs has a lot of advantages: player can choose r preferred tournament:single table or multi table and how many competitors he wans in his table and how many hands he wants to play now. Using smart strategy player can wiv a huge money prize!