European Blackjack

No one can refuse blackjack's mysterious pull among players who frequent online casinos best brands such as Liberty Slots casino, Miami Club Casino and Bovada Casino. This traditional game has been around for years now even before casinos went online. As such, this table game has retained its charm as one of the most consistently played traditional games. New players will find themselves in for a ride of pitting skills against the dealer alone, far more manageable than playing against several other more players on the same table.

How to play Blackjack European

One can easily find the game enchanting and less mind boggling to follow. There are eight card decks reshuffled after the rounds are played. You can always click on Hit until you are satisfied with your cards, and that's when the dealer starts finalizing his hand. The dealer's actions are limited in such manner where they are expected to draw with 16 and stand with soft 17. Less than that, they need to keep dealing another card until they hit no less than a soft 17, which increases the chances of going bust. Blackjack simply means hitting a 21 with your first 2 cards alone (ace + any 10 value card), which actually pays 3:2.

Study the strategy table when playing the game if you're not yet quite familiar with it and give yourself a bigger chance of winning that bet. Between you and your computer, who's to know you have it up there sitting with you anyway? The good thing about this strategy table is that you get to use an easy to figure table that has been mathematically proven to give you a better shot at the game. Nothing could beat the feeling of winning as many of your bets as possible. So, stay ahead of the dealer and get your game to a good start.

Blackjack European advice for getting Payout Grid

European blackjack has one of the most decent payout grids you would find around online casino. Go for insurance and get a payout of 2:1 which simply means double your original bet. Even money is as the name implies, get your original bet back and get the chance to play another game. Split your card and get the chance to bet on each separately with the same payout grid. You might get a blackjack on either one or even both for a 3:2 payout.