Casinos with Progressive Games

In order to understand what casinos with progressive games are all about you must first understand how the casinos work and the software that they use. Different casinos use the same software which is supplied by a number of different software suppliers. These software suppliers produce some games that are independent and can be played at each casino and they also offer games called progressive games. These progressive games are casino games that are linked to other casinos and therefore a number of different players can be playing the progressive games at the same time and contributing to a central jackpot which is considered to be the central jackpot win. In order to win this central jackpot you need to land a certain configuration of the symbols in a slots game or a certain hand a number of times in a row and so on. The progressive jackpot more often than not is only paid out when you place the maximum coin bet possible for that game. The maximum coin bet does not mean the highest bet but rather the maximum number of coins for a certain bet.

Progressive Games Detailed on Home Page of Casinos

When you are looking for casinos with progressive games you can usually identify them immediately as the progressive jackpots also known as running jackpots are advertised on the home page of the casino. Progressive games come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and styles and are not just geared towards the progressive jackpot. Many of the games offer a full game play plan in addition to the progressive jackpots so that you can enjoy the game for what it is i.e. Roulette or slots and also be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot. A Roulette progressive jackpot game is played as a regular Roulette game and the winning jackpot is awarded for landing five zeros in a row and so on. There are many different types of slots progressive games which can be played.

Slots are the Most Popular Progressive Games

There are three reel slots with progressive jackpots, five reel bonus slots with progressive jackpots and even interactive slots games with progressive jackpots. There are plenty of ways to enjoy and benefit from slots games with progressive jackpots. Another type of progressive game that you can find at many Online Casinos is the random progressive jackpot. A random progressive jackpot is also an accumulating jackpot but the difference is that the jackpot is randomly awarded at any time after any spin; more like pot luck win.

The Best Online Progressive Slots Games

The Extra Winning Element

Progressive games at casinos add an extra winning element to any game and make the whole experience even more exciting and inviting. A number of the slots games with progressive jackpots offer three different progressive jackpots within one game; these are known as minor, major and mega jackpots and have different starting levels. One thing is for sure; the progressive games at casinos add to the casino portfolio and definitely provide for more interesting gaming.

Best Casinos with Progressive Games