3 Reasons To Play Rival Gaming Slots

Lots of online casinos are powered by Rival. If you join one of those, you are guaranteed to get access to their whole collection of games – and there are well over 100 of those.

They are best-known for their slot games of course, and here we will look at three reasons why you should check out those slots. We can think of lots more, but these should whet your appetite!

They love a good sequel!

Very few slots have sequels, and the original must be popular for the software provider to even consider producing another one.

Within the Rival Gaming selection of slots, you’ll find a few examples of great sequels. As the Reels Turn uses a soap opera theme that delivers no fewer than three separate slot games. Elsewhere, you can also try Cosmic Quest, which delivers two titles – Mission Control and Mystery Planets. If you love the first, you’ll love the rest. Check out Reel Crime: Art Heist and Reel Crime: Bank Heist too.

They developed the famous i-Slot games

What are i-Slots? Well, we should give them their full name of interactive slots, because this describes what you should expect from them. These are entertaining slots that are very nice to play and have storylines running instead of simply opting for a basic theme. As such, you can expect more depth in these. The storyline may present you with different characters, and there could be separate elements involved in bonus features as well.

There is no better way to see how this works than to try the As the Reels Turn saga we mentioned above. Start with episode one and work your way through them all for the complete experience!

There are some diverse themes to look forward to as well

Costume parties, dog pounds, cruises, and more crime than you can imagine… there is a lot to look forward to when you play Rival Gaming slots. You might find yourself facing Poseidon one minute and heading back to the Psychedelic Sixties the next. Or how about enjoying Snow Wonder at Christmas and heading for a Surf Paradise during warmer weather?

With lots of entertaining themes in use, you can never get enough of the Rival Gaming collection of titles. Whatever you like most in online slot games, we are certain you will find something that suits you in their collection.