How Does Instant Play Work at Palace of Chance?

Here’s a question for you. Do you always play for money at the online casinos or do you sometimes enjoy playing for free?

If you do occasionally like playing for fun and nothing more, you’ll enjoy your time at the Palace of Chance. We’ve taken a look at the website and we think this is one of the easiest and most convenient online casinos to play at if all you want is some fun.

How do you play for free at the Palace of Chance?

It’s simple – check out the home page and you will see a link on the right that invites you to enjoy the instant play mode. If you click on this it takes you to a dedicated page where you can do just that.

You can decide whether to look at slots games or opt for any of the other games instead. They’re all divided into sections to make it easier to search for the kind of game you want. You can even look for new games if you like to see the latest additions to the site.

What should you do when you see a game you like?

Easy – just hover your mouse over it and you’ll have a choice of real money play or practice play. If you choose the latter the game you’ve opted for will load right there in your screen. You’ll be prompted to play for real money but after that you can go ahead and play the game you want.

What does the game look like in your screen?

It looks just the same as it would if you were to play for real money. You can switch to this mode if you want to at any point – there is a ‘play for real’ link at the top right of the screen that makes this a possibility. You can also quit out of the game you’ve chosen and opt for another one to play for fun as well if you wish.

In short, Palace of Chance is a friendly and welcoming site that would make a great addition to the range of sites you might want to try. There are dozens of games here, not all slots-based either – some are based around casino tables instead. Whatever games you love most it’s good to know you can try them out first and play for real later.