Mobile Live Casino NetEnt Takes on the Go Gambling Experience to Higher Levels

NetEnt is an industry leader when it comes to the development of high class game solutions for popular casino operators on the internet. During the last 20 years, this company has been pioneering in the field of casino games, which are powered by its modern gambling platforms.

Cutting-edge casino platform solutions are thoughtfully developed, so that users reap the benefits of exclusive and high-end products.

An Introduction to the Revolutionizing on the Go Mobile Live Casino NetEnt Gambling Service

The company now introduces a brand new live gambling service for mobile users. This new service is going to revolutionize the way casino players will be able to experience gambling sessions on mobile devices. It is even safe to say that the mobile live casino platform got completely reinvented.

This is a unique and groundbreaking development that will take mobile gambling to the next level, and it will totally change the game for players from all around the world.

More than 150 professional live dealers will serve gamblers during interactive mobile betting sessions. Among these dealers, there are a total of 22 nationalities and a total 25 spoken languages. So players never have to feel that they are being left out, no matter from which region they are in the world.

The amount of live streaming hours that this mobile platform has to offer is also impressive. With over 75000 hours per month, you can expect to enjoy quality live gambling entertainment on any part of the day. But that massive amount of streaming hours is just one of the aspects that puts this mobile live casino far ahead of competitors.

Players Are Able to Shape Their Own Gambling Environment

User friendly screen play options are another great benefit of this mobile platform, because members are able to play their favorite games in portrait and in landscape mode.

Additionally, the platform's interface and user experience options are further enhanced by the customizable background service. There are unlimited ways in which players can change their backgrounds. It is up to them to decide what they like to see and how they want to give shape to their unique gambling experience.

Developments Formed by the Minds of Professional Game Producers and Experienced Mobile Casino Players

All these great mobile gambling platform services and improvements did not just arrive out of thin air. Developers and designers clocked more than 15000 hours of professional work into the creation of this mobile live casino. The company is very proud of the final result of all those efforts, and by being able to come up with such a game changing concept.

One of the keys aspects is going to make this concept a success, is the fact that many long term online casino gamblers were interviewed about their experiences on mobile platforms.

Altogether, the research included more than 100 hours of interviews, and that must surely have given the developers some ideas about what gamblers really like to experience when they play casino games on the go.

The input from veteran players will also be beneficial for new users. Because of their input, novice players are now able to start their very own gambling experience on a platform that is not overly complicated. Instead, it is easy to navigated and convenient to use.

So by collecting the important knowledge of these veteran gambling aficionados, which they formed by many hours of playing, the company is able to target its services even better. It is another smart move that will put this casino platform developer far ahead in the industry.

When gamblers decide to become members, they join a unique casino club that differentiates itself from other platforms due to its flexible nature, innovative features and highly interactive games.

A Closer Look at One of the Available Mobile Live Casino Entertainment Options

With that being said, it is time to take a detailed look at one of the live entertainment options that this new mobile platform has to offer. An alluring casino game like live roulette will definitely make sure that players are not going to get bored easily.

Live Roulette Was Never So Exciting and Customer Friendly

Live roulette is one of those classic table games that can perfectly demonstrate how innovative this mobile gambling platform is.

The live roulette mobile playing experience is very user friendly. It comes with a full set of languages, streaming solutions and video/audio enhancements.

Participants are also able to wager during an active spin. This is a feature that especially experienced players will appreciate. Furthermore, live roulette is also available as an equally entertaining desktop version.

A Quick Overview of the Available Features for Both Mobile and Desktop Users

A lot of beneficial developments have been integrated in the platforms for mobile device and desktop users. But that is what one can expect from such a high end developer.

To sum things up, this are some of the features that gamblers encounter when they choose to play with NetEnt.

- Possibilities to cross sell - 25 available currencies and languages - Terrific retention and acquisition tools - Custom-built bonuses - Flawless sounds and graphics - Exclusive differentiation opportunities - Landscape and portrait modes - Easy to understand interface

Mobile Live Casino NetEnt Is a Game Changer That Will Continue to Raise the Bar

The release of this platform is very exciting, and that rate of excitement will certainly grow to even higher levels in the near future. NetEnd states in its mobile Live Casino introduction video that this is just the beginning.

It is expectable that this innovative and ambitious developer will continue to surprise the industry with its cutting-edge gambling solutions.

So keep an eye on its announcements and head over to the mobile platform to start a very unique and on the go gambling experience.

Additionally, it is also possible to play and enjoy all the excellent games conveniently at home on a big desktop screen.