Grande Vegas New Multi-Slot Technology

Grande Vegas Casino has cooked up a new technology going by the name of Multi Slot Technology, which will allow players to play several games at the same time. As an act of celebration, a huge bonus of 250 percent that can be as high as 250 dollars will be available to the casino’s members by the end of May. The situation up until this new technology’s creation was forcing players to leave the game they were playing on order to start a second one. Now the masterminds working in Realtime Gaming, who are also the creators of Grande Vegas’ games have resolved this problem and gambling fans can now enjoy multiple games without having to quit or cancel any one of them.

Warm Welcome

The manager of Grande Vegas Robert Miller talked about working towards satisfying the desires of the players and pointed out that one of them is the need to play several games at the same time: may be as an adrenaline boast or perhaps as a tactical advantage but either way it was a comfort that was superbly and timely provided by the ingenious programmers. He went to give an example of how a player could play several games through autospin and just focus on the one that brings him or her the most fortune. The players themselves have pointed out other examples in which such an option would be greatly effective like for instance the case of a free spins game where the choice of the player is irrelevant and instead of remaining inactive, the gambler can just start a new game or continue with it where he left off and the whole process can repeat itself with several games running side by side. One of the better things of the feature is that it doesn’t change the style of play of those who are not interested in it, although the cry out for such an option and its warm welcome speaks otherwise.

The celebrations connected with the release of the technology will bring players the already mentioned 250 percent match bonus up to 250 dollars, a promotion that requires the Coupon Code: MULTISLOT 30X. This new technology reaffirms Grande Vegas Casino as one of the most caring, supportive, comfortable and profitable places for online gamblers and is a testament to the hard work of Realtime Gaming. If you are a gambler with multitasking skills and you enjoy playing several games at the same time, make sure you pay Grande Vegas a visit as soon as possible in order to get that bonus advantage by the 31st of May.