Bitcoin at WinADay Casino: Speed & Security at Last

Win a Day Casino has started accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a withdrawal/deposit banking method. This is great news for players at WinADay Casino. The freedom and security Bitcoin offers is unparalleled and it is by far the number one currency in the world at present.

Using Bitcoin is straightforward and simple. What's more, transactions are safe and quick. This means waiting time to withdraw your winnings can be reduced drastically as one of Bitcoin's features is speed of use.

WinADay Casino's manager Michael Hilary commented on the launch of Bitcoin at WinADay Casino, “Bitcoins are fast, deposits are instantly credited and withdrawals are processed the very next business day following the approval of the withdrawal. No one wants to wait to spend their winnings and Bitcoins will be the quickest way for a lot of players to get their money.” This clearly highlights the exclusive benefits Bitcoin offers players.

Bitcoin is a really unique system to transfer funds. It is essentially as peer to peer system without the control of a central authority or controlling body. Users from around the world control the cryptocurrency themselves. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency of its sort was first introduced in 1998. In 2009 Bitcoin specifications were published in a cryptography mailing list.

How does Bitcoin actually work? Developers are continuously upgrading and improving its own software however, users may choose any compatible software. A personal Bitcoin wallet is created and through an App or computer programme the user can receive Bitcoin. A Blockchain, which is a public register keeps track of all transactions which allows validation, authenticity and safety. A digital signature is used to protect the user by matching his/her address. Bitcoin has grown incredibly fast and millions of dollars are exchanged daily. Suffice to say, Bitcoin ended the year 2016 at $968.23, which was double its value at the start of the year. The beginning of 2017 saw Bitcoin surpassing the $1,000 mark. The currency is in demand also as an investment.

WinADay Casino, Bitcoins are converted to US dollars and added to the cash balance. The exchange rate is checked every 15 minutes at the three top Bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase, and an average is taken. There is a wide choice of deposit bonuses available exclusively for players using Bitcoins. For instance, a 100% Deposit Bonus valid on all WinADay Casino slots as well as Keno. The wagering requirement is a reasonable 23 times your initial bet. Additionally, there is a 70% Deposit Bonus also valid on all slots, Keno and on video poker as well. The wagering requirement is even better at 17 times your bet. They are available once daily per player.

WinADay Casino recently celebrated its 9th anniversary. The casino offers 33 exclusive, premium slots. Many of these slots are connected to the WinADay Casino progressive jackpot which recently hit the $200,000 mark! WinADay offers a wide selection of games and genres including the most popular themes games and titles. Classic casino games such as Roulette, Keno, 20 different penny slots, 10 versions of video poker and over 76 slot games. The accent is on quality but a good choice is essential also.

Launched in 2007, the last ten years have provided ample opportunities for WinADay Casino to build up experience and pass that on to players at present. Creating an immersive and genuine casino atmosphere is no easy feat, but WinADay seems to have nailed it.

The introduction of Bitcoin, and in the near future other cryptocurrencies of note means WinADay is at the top of its game and on the pulse of players. With proprietary software to power the games and platforms, including a streamlined Mobile Platform, WinADay promises a unique casino experience.