Online vs Live Casino: Five Benefits of Playing Online

Gone are the days when gambling was restricted to Las Vegas. Ok, admittedly, the thrill of actually being in Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo or anywhere else for that matter is a wonderful feeling and fulfilling experience. However, who can actually afford to live near one of these places and for how long? A month? Six months? Very few people have the freedom and financial resources this entails. When you factor in accommodation and living expenses in one of these dear cities you would need a truckload of cash on standby, in case you don't win every day.

These days, primarily due to advances in technology, software and casino technology the online gaming experience supersedes the real life one in many respects. Flexibility is probably the most important advantage online casinos have over traditional ones. Besides the "original" advantage of playing in the comfort of your own home on a laptop or desktop, even greater flexibility is afforded due to the advent of mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones. One can literally play anywhere, anytime. Without having to incur all the expense of actually going to a traditional casino. Many Slot games are now specifically designed or modified to play on mobile devices. As technology continues to improve, so will the selection of Slot games being offered for mobile devices.

So, you get round the clock accessibility on the go or in the comfort of your own home. What about security and depositing or withdrawing funds from the online casino? Reputable online casino providers normally offer tried and tested methods. Credit / Debit cards such as MasterCard, VISA, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe, Money Global and even Bitcoin. These are ultra secure so you can rest assured that your cash is safe and secure. Personal security is a priority and in fact it is much more private than actually visiting a casino physically. You won't be seen leaving the casino with a large amount of money with the chance of getting robbed and the money stolen. And this may not seem so far fetched seeing as many shady characters hang out there and can easily be observed.

Recent developments in the field of online Slot games means there are now great features on offer that bring the online experience even closer to the real one. Live Dealer Games for instance, or online, group competitions and events. Live Chat also lends a human touch to the online experience.

The positive benefits the online medium offers society are not to be forgotten. Many individuals are directly employed in this industry and governments collects large amounts of taxes and reap myriad social benefits. In addition, the industry is heavily regulated, with checking systems in place to avoid underage gambling and promote responsible gambling principles.