U-Spin Roulette: Breakthrough for Scientific Games

Since the inception of Roulette, there has never really been any real player engagement with esthetics. Blackjack and Poker are two games that are so popular simply because of the real esthetics; the touching and feeling of the playing cards (physically). Roulette has never had this luxury, up until now that is.

Scientific Games Casino has pulled another rabbit out of the bag with the introduction of this innovative gaming experience. This particular Table Game will never be the same again.

U-Spin Roulette: What exactly is it?

U-Spin Roulette is a newly invented device that allows for real player engagement whilst playing Roulette. The player actually controls when the small steel ball is released onto the spinning Roulette wheel. The dealer simply sets up the device by placing the ball on the special launcher, then the player presses a Red Button, which can be passed around from player to player. The launcher can even be setup to accept 3 balls, in the event that there is a side bet.

This is true innovation and at last interaction Roulette players can feel the esthetics of the game and actively participate in the game.


The U-Spin Roulette device is about to revolutionize the way Roulette is played. When seasoned gamblers consistently rank Poker and Blackjack above Roulette as their game of choice, this is about to change. The missing ingredient from Roulette has now been introduced.


Scientific Games Casino is no newcomer to iGaming and online casinos having long been established as a premium provider of top quality games. Its pedigree has never been in question but is surely set to solidify with such innovative and engaging Slot games and very latest software and technological advances. Always at the forefront and always improving the services and entertainment offerings to its players, Scientific Gaming Casino is the place for innovation and uniqueness.

With the development of this brand new device, Scientific Gaming have proved that they are at the forefront of gaming technology. With the introduction of the Up-Spin device for Roulette, the way the game is played has been changed for the better. Once the device catches on, demand by players wanting to try it out is set to explode. One look at the platform and exceptional game selection and you will immediately realize Scientific Gaming mean business. The games are some of the very best to be found anywhere and the software and platforms, which include Mobile and Desktop versions, are user friendly and pleasant to the eye.