The Blackjack Bravado of Bovada

There are so many excellent aspects of the Bovada Casino that start with the sign up bonus offer given to new players. This matches up to $3000 in bonus money on initial deposits made. And then there is the refer a friend bonus and many other casino promotions that are added on a regular basis. Players who are interested in table games and especially blackjack will be delighted to learn that a new multi- hand Blackjack game has been added to the Bovada casino. This can be played online, at the instant access casino and also at the mobile casino whether playing on a smartphone or a tablet.

Up to Three Hands at Once

The multi-hand blackjack game is new to the casino. It offers the player a chance to play up to three hands per one game. The player holds three hands and the dealer holds the same cards for all three hands. The game is played in the normal way for a game of blackjack. The player first decides how many hands he wants to hold and then places his ante bet for each hand. The player then presses deal and he is dealt two cards for each hand that he is holding. The dealer also receives two cards, one face up and one face down. It is then up to the player to examine each hand separately and decide on the action that he wants to take. The player may decide to hit, i.e. take another card, to stand i.e. stay as he is, to split or to take insurance. Splitting involves separating the cards that are the same value and placing an additional bet. The player may split up to three times but each time he does have to place an extra bet. The insurance is offered when the dealers show card is an Ace, the player takes insurance against the dealer landing a blackjack. When playing this new multi-hand blackjack game the player may also decide to surrender if he feels there is no hope and he only loses his initial bet or he may choose to push when the player has the same hand as the dealer and the bet is returned to him. Being able to play multi-hand blackjack at Bovada casino gives players another choice of games and the chance to play not one but up to three hands in one go. Players who enjoy blackjack and other table casino games will love this new addition to the casino.