See Screen Images of a Host of Slots at Win Palace

Previewing slots games online is always a good way of finding out which games are available and what they look like. This task is made even easier if you happen to play at the Win Palace casino. This is because they have a great preview page featuring all the games in one place.

You’ll need to scroll down that page (accessible from the link at the top of their site pages) to find all the real series slots, as they’re known. However once you’re there you’ll be treated to a range of screen images so you know what to expect.

Why are these images worth a look?

Sometimes when you choose a slots game all you have to go on is the title. Here at Win Palace casino you also have a screenshot you can check out.

There are nine in total at the top of the slots section. If you click on one of these a separate window will open up. This will show you a detailed screenshot of the game screen. It gives you an idea of what to expect when you start playing. To leave that window and get back to the main screen where the games are listed, simply click out of it.

Is it just those nine games you can preview in this way?

No, you can take a look at them all. The rest of the games are only listed by their titles. However you can simply click on the ones you like the sound of to see a screenshot of each of those too.

For example if you click on the Golden Retriever title you’ll be treated to a screen revealing what this particular slots game is like. While you can’t interact with it in any way it does give you a good idea of how the game looks and what some of the symbols appear to be.

Check out the preview screens and images at Win Palace casino now

The Win Palace casino has to be one of the more appealing online casinos when it comes to finding out more about the games it has to offer. You can even look at the table games and other options in much the same way if you want to try something different. Whatever you need or want, you can look forward to playing some games after reviewing them here.