Liberty Slots Casino Complies To The Needs Of Slot Players With It's Brand New Design

The popular online US Liberty Slots Casino now has a brand new design. The casino transformed it's beloved gambling platform into an even better visual attraction and also provides an enhanced gameplay experience.

Familiar Aspects

Some familiar aspects of the design did not change or they show strong similarities with the old look. The familiar logo and American themed color scheme of red white and blue are still present in the new design.

Big Changes To The Platform

On a visual level, the casino changed some of the images on the platform. But it made the biggest adjustments to the navigation functions and slot enthusiasts now also enjoy an improved gameplay experience.

One important difference to note, is that the casino got rid of its outdated download option and turned into a 100 per cent flash casino that is instantly playable. By doing this, the casino sensibly adjusted itself to the modern playing habits of its users. These days, most of the gamblers choose the instant play option. The casino smartly acknowledges this need.

Improvements On The Homepage

Another noticeable change is the neatly designed navigation function underneath the banner on the homepage. It gives players a choice of what game they would like to see and play. There is also a Liberty Slot mobile button in order to satisfy the ever increasing number of iOS and Android casino players.

The homepage now also shows a great selection of entertaining slot games. The abundant amount of these games certainly attracts many slot enthusiasts. With the previous design, players who where looking for a particular slot, needed to scroll through various webpages to find the right game and the information about it. Now they can easily scroll down on the homepage to find their favorite slot game. The only next step they have to take, is clicking on the game that they want to play. The casino made navigating on the platform a lot more convenient with this adjustment.

On the homepage, players also see links to various information pages for tournaments, banking options, casino games, promotions and support options.

Benefit From The Same Welcome Bonus

With all these improvements, players will be happy to notice that one of their favorite Liberty Slots Casino aspects has not changed. The lucrative welcome bonus is still available. New Players who sign up for a Liberty Slots Casino account, receive $777 during their first three cash deposits.

With so many great adjustments, slot lovers should surely pay a visit to the brand new Liberty Slots Casino platform.