All Star Slots Casino Relaunch Offers New Perks to Players

In 2011, All Star Slots Casino was purchased by Club World Group; while All Star Slots already featured an excellent customer support staff and was known for their promotions, CWG felt that there was still something missing. A top-to-bottom redesign of the casino's website has resulted in an interface that's easier to use and reduces visual clutter on the page.

A Quicker Start for New Gamers

New players will find that All Star Slots Casino's homepage is simple to navigate; some gamblers found the old design confusing, and it frequently hindered their ability to play. All Star Slots features its welcome bonus information on the front page, and links to download the casino software are now clearly marked. The landing page also now provides a three-step guide to simplify the registration process for players.

Enhanced Navigation throughout the Casino

The front page isn't the only section of the casino that's been upgraded; searching for a particular game or style of game is now a faster process due to the addition of an intelligent search bar and the fact that casino titles are now separated into categories. A new tab for progressive jackpots now gives players the chance to scroll through games to review the value of each individual jackpot before they begin playing. Additionally, the casino now features the newest games at the bottom of the page so that no player misses the opportunity to check out the hottest new titles.

Player Personalization and a New Cashier

Gamblers at All Star Slots Casino can individualize their experience with the new "Favorite Games" tab; giving gamers the chance to bookmark their favorite titles for easy access, this feature is certain to make every gaming session one that players will adore. Joining the favorite games tab is the "Last Game Played" tab, which allows players to pick up where they left off at the end of their last visit to the casino. The cashier has been revamped, and separate links now exist for deposits, withdrawals, coupons, and other features to enhance the process of funding a casino account or cashing out. These new features have successfully made All Star Slots Casino easier to navigate.

Casino Redesign Brings All Star Slots into the Fold

The new overhaul of All Star Slots Casino makes it look and feel like a Club World Group Casino. Gamers will find that it's much easier to move from one area of the casino to another, and the personalized tabs improve the overall experience. The changes in the casino's appearance and navigation coupled with its existing customer service and promotions make All Star Slots a great place for both new and returning players.