The Big Progressive Jackpot Winners

Everyone wants to be a winner and dreams that it will happen to them and for some it does. Anyone can in fact be lucky and win a progressive jackpot; it is not about skill but pure luck and in some cases a bit of determination. In order to win progressive slots you do need to place the maximum coin bet for that game, it does not mean that you have to place the highest coin size but you do need to place the maximum number of coins allowed. For example if you are playing a game that has a 5 coin maximum and the coin size ranges from $0.01 up to $0.50, as long as you place a maximum of 5 coins per payline you have an equal chance of winning the jackpot whether you have used the $0.01 coin size or the $0.50 coin size.

It Only Takes One Spin to Win

Mega Moolah Slots:Progressive slots jackpots are won on a regular basis believe it or not. All of the slots games are powered by random number generators so at any time you could be the lucky one. Recently in Greece a certain Georges M, won over 6 million Euros when playing Mega Moolah Slots at All Slots Casino. He is not a frequent player and was more than pleasantly surprised when he won this outstanding jackpot. In some cases, like Georges, he thought it was a joke and had to call the casino customer service to check that he really had won.

Always Play with a Screen Name

Beach Life Slots:One thing that is recommended when you join a casino is that you choose a screen name for when you play the big progressive jackpot games. This way when you become a big winner like "Richard" you are not hassled by emails and contacts and even acquaintances who may suddenly become your best friend because of your winnings. Richard won over $2 million Canadian Dollars in April when playing Beach Life Slots at All Jackpots Casino.

Millions or Hundreds of Thousands, Its Still a Win

Arctic Fortune Slots:Of course not all progressive wins are in the millions, there are wins that are in the hundreds of thousands which are equally exciting for the winners especially if their input has been low. Take Wei L who was playing Arctic Fortune Slots at All Slots and won over US $400000 in the first 10 minutes of his game play. Not bad especially when the bets start as low as $0.01. Winning a progressive slots game can be done and is not a far off dream like many think it is. Anyone can win and anyone does win so don't scoff at the idea and rather join in and enjoy the chance to win some extremely inviting jackpots.