American Couple Scoop Massive Jackpot on Slot Machine in Vegas

There are so many online casinos around nowadays that we tend to forget there are people in the US who regularly play at casinos in Las Vegas too. One couple hit a massive jackpot recently in Vegas and it was a jackpot that many players have been waiting for years to hit.

Who won the prize?

It was won by a couple from New Hampshire, Walter and Linda Misco. Amazingly enough they’d only just sat down at the slot machine and had played for a mere five minutes. How would you feel if you’d just vacated that seat a few minutes earlier and missed out on a massive win like that?

How much did they win?

Brace yourself, it’s a biggie - $2.4 million. Just imagine sitting down at a slot machine and seeing the right combination fall into place to hit that massive jackpot. What would you do if you won that much?

Which slot machine were they playing?

The name of the slot machine is Lion’s Share, and it has been the most popular slot machine in the MGM Grand, the site of their massive win, for over 20 years. The massive jackpot has built up over all those years and amounted to $2,400,301.70 by the time their lucky stint on the machine triggered the winning combination to claim it.

Even the people in charge of the casino were delighted at the win. They’ve been waiting as long for someone to hit the jackpot as the players have. It’s been incredibly popular over the years but now someone has finally claimed the huge jackpot the machine is going to go into retirement. According to some news reports the lucky couple who won the prize may actually get to keep the slots machine too. Wouldn’t that be a prize worth keeping? The machine could actually be worth something on its own, even now it has given up the massive jackpot amount.

Why are progressive jackpots so popular?

The thing is you never know when they are going to pay out. The jackpot continues to grow every time someone plays the game. It only grows by a little each time but as you can see someone will eventually snag a huge sum when they get the right combination to win the game. Even though this machine is no more, other progressive jackpots are available right now online.