Liberty Slots Player Takes On Agent Cash Slot Again

Incredible, yet true, a player who recently won $100,000 on Agent Cash Slots, has taken up the challenge a second time. The player had gone on a winning streak last Christmas at Liberty Slots Casino, eventually scooping up a total win of $100,000!

Agent Cash Slots

The high rolling slot Agent Cash is a beautiful game to play, with a wide range of betting options. Rafaela decided to gamble the maximum limit of $300 per spin. After a couple of spins, Rafaela did it again and went one step further. She cashed in an astounding $375,000 with a single spin! Luck did strike twice in the same place, and Rafaela was there, in the right place, at the right time. By betting the maximum limit, the probabilities of winning a vast win are increased accordingly. This strategy paid off, twice in Rafaela’s case. The ultimate result is getting 5x Wild symbols on all the 30 pay lines, as that ensures a winning payout. By betting $10 on each of the 30 pay lines, all the symbols could come up Wild. That is precisely what happened to Rafaela, leading to a massive payout of $375,000 on a single spin.

And the Winner is

The winner; Rafaela D, from California, took a break after Christmas to enjoy some of her winnings. She later decided to tempt fate by trying her luck on Agent Cash again. Rafaela was interviewed after her historic double win. Although still in shock by the double win, she commented, "I've been playing at Liberty Slots for almost five years now. I've won a few times, but this is the first time I've ever felt like a real high-roller. My husband kept wincing every time I pressed the Spin button, 'That's $300 bucks' he said, but I had belief and now look at us! We'll be able to pay off the house, take a trip, get a new car -- we're good for a few years.” Rafaela was finally asked if she would continue playing Agent Cash. He response was; “Why should I stop, It worked last time.”

Liberty Slots Reaction

The manager at Liberty Slots, Mark Ramirez was just as thrilled with the double win as Rafaela herself. He commented thus; "This is very exciting for Rafaella; we're all very happy for her. We always knew Agent Cash had the 'license to thrill' and it certainly stepped up this weekend."

Liberty Slots Magic

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