Agent Cash Slots

Agent Cash Slots

Spy Symbols

Agent Cash is a huge and hot new game from WGT former Vegas Technology. This is a great looking and playing new game filled with great super-spy derived imagery. Though this game is certainly not licensed by the franchise, and it carries no branding, it was certainly inspired by the movie version of James Bond. This is a sleek game that works as perfectly as we expect Wager Gaming Technology games to work. Download and start playing Agent Cash Slots now!

Spy Style

Agent Cash is a very stylish and an exceptionally good looking game. This one does not attempt to simulate slot machines so much as to be a very smooth and modern style reel-style game. The video action is smooth and sleek. When the player first brings the game up, he or she is greeted by a splash screen that announces "The Ultimate Spy Slot Game". When the Enter button is clicked, the player is taken to the game itself. The usual controls are listed across the bottom, but in a very high-tech and modern style.

Spy Symbols

Because Agent Cash does not employ card indices, this game is fraught with fantastic original art, all of which contributes to the spy theme. The symbols include guns, sports cars, attractive women, spy gadgets and secret agents. There are regular wild cards as well as a special vertical wildcard that covers all paylines on a given reel, making the winnings compound exponentially.

Spy Game

Agent Cash is a really big game with thirty bet paylines. As with all current games, the coin value may be established by the player to values ranging from 1¢ to $10. With that many lines and that range of coins, betting all lines can cost as little as 30¢ or as much as $300, making this game truly appealing for all levels of players right up to the serious high-roller.

There is a Pick or Die bonus game that has the potential to really rack the winnings up, and, like the main game, it is very sleek and attractive in its style and play, though it is a very simple bonus round.

The sports car, which looks suspiciously like an Aston-Martin Vanquish, serves as a wildcard in any combination. Better yet, there is a vertical wildcard that covers all lines in one column. When she comes up the player is guaranteed a number of winning combos. Also with the vertical wildcard eight free spins are awarded.

Clandestine Funds

Agent Cash pays a big jackpot totaling 10,000 coins or $100,000 if playing at the $10 coin level. Even if playing at the modest 1¢ level it comes to a hefty $100.

In addition, there is a secondary jackpot worth 1250 coins as well.

Experience International Intrigue Tonight!

Agent Cash is one of the best and newest of the WGT games, and we love it. It can be found at Liberty Slots US Casino. The returns are constant, making game-play last a long time, and the graphics are some of the highest quality, really showing off high-end equipment. We recommend that you mix yourself an extra-dry vodka martini, put on your tuxedo and settle in for an evening of spy games. Go spin the reels for real money on Agent Cash slots tonight!