Jackpot Winner

Everyone dreams of winning a six-figure sum on a slot machine, whether it’s in a real-life casino or an online one. One guy in America recently found out what that’s like, when he managed to scoop $497,000 on a slot machine at Black Bear Casino.

The big win happened on Saturday 21st September and it was the jackpot amount for the game he was playing. In case you want to try winning the same jackpot by playing this game elsewhere, it was called none other than Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Where is Black Bear Casino?

The casino itself is based in Carlton and the lucky winner, a man named Mathew Falk, lives in Cloquet. Needless to say a few Golden Ticket jokes have been made since then, as he certainly struck it lucky in doing what every other player at that same machine has been trying to do before him.

What is the major appeal of trying to hit the jackpot?

Most people who play slot machines (regardless of whether they are online or offline) end up snagging a few smaller wins while they are playing. Everyone dreams of hitting the major jackpot, the biggest one available for a particular game, but the odds of doing so are pretty long. However as we saw here, someone has to win and you never know whether that lucky person could be you.

What is the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory slot game like?

By all accounts this is a pretty good game. It isn’t available to online slots players (at least not yet) so if you want to play it you’ll need to go out and find a local casino that is offering it.

It has plenty of neat features, including of course the Golden Ticket, appearances by the oompa loompas and all kinds of different sweets. If you do try it out you’ll see it does have enough appeal to keep you playing for a while.

Could you be the next big slots winner?

Who knows? You don’t have to go to a regular casino to try your luck with a variety of slots games though, as you probably already know. Instead you can find your favorite games online, and although they don’t always have huge jackpots to be won you might just be in for a lucky break!