Current Jackpots at Slots LV

One of the best things about playing online slots games is the potential to hit the jackpot on any game you play. There are regular smaller wins to try for of course, but jackpots are the ideal win for anyone.

Some slots games have more than one jackpot while others have progressive jackpots that keep on getting bigger until they’re finally triggered by one lucky player.

If you want to play some of the best games with the biggest jackpots available, it’s good to check out what’s available on the Slots LV site.

How can you see which jackpots are available?

The home page quite literally reveals all! Check out the part of the page near the top that scrolls through a number of screens. Just below this you can see a line that begins with the words “Current Jackpots”. This tells you all you need to know.

Tell us more!

Okay, well the line scrolls through a series of the most popular games and reveals what the jackpots are. For example Mr Vegas was appearing here when we visited the site. Two jackpot amounts were stated - $5,271 as the smaller jackpot amount and a huge $1,320,216 as the major jackpot. There were several other games mentioned too, all with two jackpots on offer.

The great thing is you can click on the game you are interested in and go through to the game screen from there. You just have to log into your account and you’re off and away. It’s a great way to find out where the biggest jackpots are at the moment and which games are worth playing. After all, it’s better to play a game where the big jackpot amounts haven’t just been won, because you know you stand a chance of scooping a large amount if you’re lucky enough.

Check out Slots LV and try for the best and biggest jackpots today

This is one of the best and most user friendly online casinos around at the moment. If you’re already a member look for the current jackpot information now. If you’re not a member there has never been a better time to join. Maybe you might be lucky enough to scoop one of those jackpots, now you know where the best options are and how to find them. Good luck and give them a try today!