Latest Winners on the AC Casino

The AC Casino maybe isn’t the best known casino you’ve come across online, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a closer look to find out what it has to offer. As you’ll see, there are plenty of big winners here that have grabbed a successful conclusion to whatever game they’ve been playing.

Where do you find out about the latest winners?

The casino likes to share the information as easily as possible, which is why they list some of their winners on the home page. You’ll see them in a column over on the right hand side, enabling you to check out how much some players are winning.

What are the prizes like?

Unlike some online casinos that only list the biggest winners, the AC Casino lists all kinds of winners. For example there were a couple of players there at the time of writing that won $10, and someone else who won $15.90. This shows the kinds of small wins you could expect if you started playing on the website.

However there are bigger wins here as well, such as the $168.90 won by one player. Someone else won $145.00 at the time of writing, while there were other wins of varying amounts too. The biggest win that appeared recently was one for $782.00.

Do you know which games the players won on?

No – it only reveals the amount they won and their screen name. However with lots of great games to try out it is worth playing a few to see which ones you like the most. You can look through all kinds of games right there on the home screen as it lets you look at 3D slots, regular slots, table games, other games and video poker options too. You can also check out the most played games – the ones players love the most. Maybe one of these will help you get your name on the right hand side among the current winners?

As you can see there are many reasons to go on the AC Casino website. You can look forward to some amazing gaming experiences on this site once you sign up and check out the various deals on offer. You might even end up calling this website your favorite among all the ones available online at the moment. It certainly will be if it provides you with some wins!