Progressive Jackpots Carry on Climbing at Treasure Mile Casino

If you’ve even played a small handful of online slots games you’ll probably have come across a number of progressive jackpots in your time. These are jackpots that are available above and beyond the regular jackpot available in any game. For every spin made on a game a small amount is added to the progressive jackpot. On and on this goes, with the main progressive amount rising until someone hits the lucky combination necessary to hit the jackpot.

Why is Treasure Mile a great casino to go to if you want to play progressive jackpot games?

Firstly Treasure Mile has a great collection of jackpot games of this type available. You can instantly check a few of them out on the home page. Just scroll down and you’ll see a heading for progressive jackpot games of this kind. You can click on the links to play them straightaway if you like.

Further down the page you can also see the ever-rising total amount available on progressive jackpot games at Treasure Mile. You’d be surprised how quickly this goes up! Take a look at it when you pay a visit and you’ll see what we mean.

Is there a games section available on the site?

There sure is. You can access this section from the main menu to see what games are available to play if you join the site.

There is a tab under this section that lets you select only the progressive jackpot games to view. Not all the games have jackpots like these so make sure you choose the appropriate ones if you are interested in having a shot at an extra prize.

What do you have to do to win a progressive jackpot?

In every slots game you’ll be required to line up a specific selection of symbols in order to win a prize. The better the line up the better the prize. So for example if you get five of the same symbols on a payline you’ll win more than if you had three matching symbols.

The trick with the progressive payouts is that no one knows what the secret trigger for that jackpot is. You have to keep playing and hope your reels will settle on the required combination. If they do you could be in for a big win at the Treasure Mile casino, so check it out today.