Cafè Casino Keno Win of $150,000 for Lucky Player

It was undoubtedly a happy New Year for a lucky Cafe Casino player, with a bonanza payout of $150,000 playing Keno. Filippo M was that fortunate player, and he just could. It believes his eyes when the win came through. He was playing Keno Draw, in the speciality game section at Cafe Casino. What is even more shading is that there are no progressive jackpots on Keno, it was a super lucky win, without the help of a jackpot!

Keno is a fantastic game with numerous followers and is making something of a comeback in recent months. More people are being drawn towards it, and realising that payouts are not uncommon, and can be extremely lucrative. Keno Draw is a new, improved version of the game, perfect for online gaming. The game can be customised and modified by players to suit their personal preferences. The colours and incidental music can be controlled, changed and tailored; furthermore, the game numbers can be recorded and memorised for future use. In effect, Keno Draw is a lot more immersive than standard lotto games. Keno Draw is also available in a mobile version so that players can play Keno at any time, anywhere. Most modern tablets and smartphones will accommodate the game correctly, bringing out the beauty of the graphics, colours and wagering action.

Filippo M has decided to keep some of the winnings to buy a new car and pay some outstanding debts, however, he is saving the rest of his children’s university education. Such a win was unexpected for Filippo; therefore, he has been in a daze for the last few days, unable to come to terms with his life-changing victory. His family were just as surprised as Filippo. Now his two kids can go to university since Filippo will be saving $100,000 for this purpose. Of course, Filippo will continue to play Keno Draw, you never know! He might just win again! Stranger things have happened.

How did Filippo win? He had been playing Keno Draw, just for fun, and with no expectations. However, his stake of $1, turned into a payout of $150,000! The game of Keno Draw allows betting from $0.01, up to $10, so there is a choice of wagers, to suit all players’ budgets and bankrolls. Payouts are awarded by landing zero numbers, or more than six digits. The top payout is awarded if players manage to guess 14, or 15 numbers correctly. Betting just $0.01 can still win a good payout of $1,000! Wagering $0.25 gains a payout of $25,000! A Dollar bet will earn players $100,000, and a $5 wager gains $500,000. The maximum limit bet of $10, can win players a life-changing $1 million! There are betting options to suit all players and their bankrolls. It is no surprise that Keno is making a strong comeback. More players are sitting up and taking notice of the winning possibilities of the game. There is no need to stake $10, the maximum, to win a payout if just 1 cent can gain a payout of $1,000. The point is, you cannot afford to ignore Keno Draw. The winning chances are too great to sidestep, the potential of a payout is too high.

Filippo M couldn’t believe his luck, and you won’t either once you give Keno Draw a trial. It might just change your life as it did for Filippo M.