Swedish Online Slot Player Claims Inspiring $36,034 Cash Win

Jackpot Capital Casino
A young Swedish gambler, who was trying his luck at the Jackpot Capital Casino platform, managed to collect an inspiring sum of money recently. Altogether, he won a total cash amount of $36,034 during a fruitful Sevens & Stripes Slots (Realtime Gaming) winning streak. After winning this small fortune, his immediate wish was to find a sunny beach for a well-deserved vacation.

How a Successful Slot Player Was Able to Turn His Profits Into a Sunny Beach Vacation

Rasmus L. was the lucky winner of this large casino cash amount. He regularly plays at the Jackpot Capital Casino website, but so far, he never experienced such a profitable winning spree that made a trip to the beach possible. However, Sweden is not exactly a popular spot if you want to enjoy a sunny beach trip, and especially not during the winter period.

Nonetheless, the young Swede was craving for a dose of sand and sunshine, and now his newly obtained amount of money gave him the possibility to go and look for those pleasures in a country with a more suitable climate. Furthermore, Rasmus also thought that this was a good opportunity to treat his girlfriend to a special beach holiday in the sun, so he decided to take her along on a trip to Spain.

Slot Game Advice From a Winner and Frequent Player

Rasmus likes to play the slot machines on those occasions when he has some leftover money during the weekdays. His tip for making such game sessions a success is fairly simple. He advises players that they should go with their gut feeling. The fortunate Swede is not a fan of one online slot machine game in particular as he usually finds joy in playing newly released titles. Sweet 16 Slots was one of those new games that he recently played. Rasmus really liked the morphing symbols element that this candy themed slot title boasts.

The Classic Seven & Stripes Slots Title Makes Dreams Come True

Seven & Stripes Slots, the game that gave Rasmus his fortunes, also deserves to be mentioned. It is a classic title that boasts a touch of Las Vegas from the old days. This game is easy to understand, since it has just one pay-line and three slot reels. Also, its symbols are very familiar for those players who have been around for a while. For example, Seven & Stripes Slots lets you spin red, white and blue bar symbols and also the classic number seven. The allowed betting range is very broad in this game, and that makes it a suitable title for budget players and high rollers alike. Start you spinning experience with only a nickel, or immediately try to boost your casino profits with a maximum bet of $45 per slot reel spin.

Why You Should Make Your Profits at Jackpot Capital Casino

Besides giving away lots of profitable winning opportunities, Jackpot Capital Casino also likes to spoil you with lucrative bonus offers. Currently, it delights players with a special Welcome to the Future bonus perk. This feature takes you on a surprising time travel journey that leads to the faraway year of 2100. It is time to leave the old world and exchange it for a more futuristic one. You will be happy to notice that this futuristic event brings along a $130,000 bonus prize pool.

All you need to do is play your most beloved slot titles and rise on the ranks of the futuristic scoreboard. Make sure that you check your scoreboard position regularly, because at the first day of the week, bonuses are being given away to those lucky players who rank high enough. You can find out more about this special event at the official website

Other great bonuses are also at your disposal in this casino platform. For example, frequent players have a weekly chance to win a lucrative maximum cash prize of $800. And those members who play a little bit less, are still able to join the exciting draw for a random weekly casino prize of $5000.

These bonus perks are a good incentive to come and play at Jackpot Capital Casino, but so is the great game collection that this platform offers via various playing formats. On your laptop or desktop computer, you can enjoy hundreds of very exciting slot machine titles, but also great casino classics like for example roulette and Blackjack. Furthermore, your favorite games can also be played on the mobile casino platform from this prominent online betting house. Visit Jackpot Capital and enjoy them on your tablet or smartphone.