Big Winners Are a Regular Feature at Uptown Aces Casino

One of the best things about joining a new online casino (or even enjoying the ones you're already a member of) is checking out the latest wins for other members. One casino that regularly shares the latest wins is Uptown Aces Casino. This bright and engaging casino has a striking home page on its website and plenty of details of some of the latest winners.

Where can you find the winner information?

When you arrive on the Uptown Aces Casino website, scroll down past the Game of the Month feature and the Winner's Delight areas and you'll see a strip of information titled Latest Winners. Check out the scrolling details to see what people have recently won!

What kinds of prizes are won at the Uptown Aces Casino?

Among the winners on the site when we paid a visit was Kenneth S from New York City. He won $14,700 playing Mice Dice. There are winners from outside the US as well. Adriana V from Italy picked up $9,000 playing Roberta's Castle. A player called Donald B from Maryland in the US struck it lucky on Count Spectacular by scooping an amazing $29,600. Elsewhere a game called Hidden Riches turned out to be prophetic for Linda D from Missouri when she scopped $17,400.

Results like these are regularly displayed on the home page, and it is heartening to see how successful other players are being. It is also good to see which games have proven lucky recently. You may want to avoid these and choose some other games to play in the hope of adding your name to the winning list.

What games can you win these kinds of amounts on?

Every game has different winning amounts, but they are all pretty appealing. Count Spectacular is actually quite a new game, but there are lots of other games to play as well, with lots of slots experiences to be had. They always have a Game of the Month and Game of the Week feature, so maybe one of these will prove lucky for you.

Whenever you want to enjoy a good chance of gaining some wins, think about using Uptown Aces Casino. Wouldn't it be great to see your name scrolling across the home screen with a five figure win announced next to it? What would you spend that kind of money on?