Hidden Riches Slots

Hidden Riches Slots

Remember how much everyone just loved the Indiana Jones adventure theme...well Real Time Gaming knew this and decided to join in and introduce Hidden Riches Slots in April of 2009...it is a spin off of Indiana Jones. Hidden Riches Slots is a progressive video slot featuring five reels and 25 pay lines. There is a top jackpot prize of 10,000 coins but it can easily rise up to 30,000 coins during the bonus game. There are added features such as free spins, mystery prizes, a wild multiplier, and a random progressive jackpot. The maximum bet is $125.Play Hidden Riches Slots with coin values as little as a penny and up to five bucks!

Looking real hard for the Adventurer

The Wild symbol is the Adventurer but he will only be found on the first, third or fifth reels exclusively. It can be swapped for any other symbol to create more winning combinations and to double your winnings. The scatter symbol is the Tablet. Getting a minimum of two of the Scatters will multiply your wager up to 100 times and the Tablet activates the bonus game. Other reel symbols include the Cobra, Map, Knife, Adventurer, Diamond, Gold, Compass, Vase, Necklace, Tablet, Lady and Temple.

The "Adventurer's Circle"

The Hidden Riches slot game also has a mystery prize feature that is triggered when you get three Tablets. This bonus game reveals the "Adventurer's Circle" where there are five prize symbols and a bonus round displayed. The circle is encased in lights that flash and when the flashing stops that prize displayed is shown...once the same prize is lit three times...it is yours to keep. You can win up to 2,000 times your original bet...which equals $250,000!

Free Spins!

Just two Adventurers on the reels can get you as many as 25 free spins...which are tripled. You can retrigger the Free Spins! The random progressive jackpot means that don't have to do anything special in order to win because the jackpot is randomly awarded. Pure luck is the name of this jackpot which is awarded at the end of any given game.

What's at Stake

Play for five bucks...get four Scatters and one Wild to win fifty grand. Play for five bucks...get five Scatters and one wild to win twenty five grand. Half of that is up for grabs when you wager five bucks and get five Ladies! Lots of winning potential in Hidden Riches Video Slots.

Look for your Hidden Riches today.