Explore Club World Casinos

Every now and then we come across a casino that looks good and feels good. The Club World Casinos site fits into this bracket - at least we think so. The cool dark gray of the home page makes the information pop right out without being garish, and it stands apart from many other casinos for this fact alone.

Let's find out more about Club World Casinos now.

How many games do they offer?

There are more than 120 of them in all according to the home page, and it's easy to find out more. Just click on the 'preview games' link to see a list of every single game they have to offer.

These include video slots, bonus 3-reel slots, video poker, progressive slots and a wide variety of table games as well. Click on any game to see a large screenshot of the game screen.

Do they have promotions to offer?

Oh yes - and plenty of them as well! For starters they have welcome bonuses for new players, but they also offer daily promotions so there is always something to keep you interested.

Aside from this they have feature promotions from time to time and they also dish out comp points. The promotions section even has a beginner's guide in case you should need any assistance in this area.

Does Club World Casinos offer plenty of support?

Yes they do - there is a 24 hour support page which gives you all the contacts you could need. These vary from phone to fax and also to email and even live chat. If you ever need an answer to a question, the people at the site will provide it for you.

Lots more to look forward to at Club World Casinos

This is a great site and it has lots of information every site user will appreciate. It doesn't matter whether you have played online before or not: you will always seek out the best games on this site and they've got plenty of them on offer.

Pay a visit to Club World Casinos now and see whether you can enjoy the best slots and other games on this website. With progressive jackpots available and lots more to look forward to as well, such as tournaments for example, you won't feel as if you're missing out when you go to Club World Casinos.