Enjoy the instant play casino at Liberty Slots

Don’t you just hate downloading casino software sometimes? While not all online casinos provide you with an opportunity to enjoy instant play, Liberty Slots certainly does.

Let’s find out more now so you know what to expect.

How does instant play work?

When you arrive on the home page of the Liberty Casino you will see a number of options at the top of your screen. You’ll notice an invitation to download the casino, but you’ll also see the instant play option. Click on this and you’ll see another tab open up in your browser. Watch what happens and you’ll see the instant play casino load.

Do you need an account with them to use this instant play mode?

Yes you do. When the instant play screen has loaded you’ll see a small welcome screen appear over the top of it. This gives you the option either to create a new account (if you’re not already a member) or to login if you have account details already.

And once you’re logged in… what happens then?

Once you’ve signed in you just have to select the type of game you want to play from the left hand side. You’ll see featured games at the top, followed by other possibilities including slots, specialty games and much more besides.

Is it better to use the instant play casino?

It all depends on your point of view. Some people don’t like downloading the software many online casinos run with. Some would prefer an instant casino because it is generally faster and it runs in your browser. If you want the minimum of software on your computer to keep it running smoothly, this mode will definitely suit you better.

Do you miss out on any games when you use the instant play mode?

No, not at all. Everything appears just as it would in the regular download mode. The only difference is in the way you play it. Make your choice today and start enjoying everything the Liberty Slots casino has to offer you. This is a relatively new casino on the internet and they do welcome US players too, so if you’ve been struggling to find a practical and user-friendly site to get started with, this could be ideal.

Which games will you start with? Remember, if you go for the instant play mode you’ll be playing within minutes!