Latest Jackpot Winners

If you are curious to see which games deliver the biggest jackpot winners, you might want to check out Cool Cat Casino. This is a great online casino that is colorful, engaging and thrilling from the moment you land on the home screen. They provide a depth of information about the site that is missing from some other similar online casinos around today.

It couldn’t be easier to see who wins at Cool Cat Casino, so let’s check out some of the latest great wins the site has paid out on.

Where is this information?

It couldn’t be easier to find – it is right there on the home page of the website. You don’t have to scroll down too far either – just look beyond the jackpot spotlight section and you’ll find the big winners right there.

Let’s have some examples

Okay – you get the first name and initial for each winner, plus their screen name. Of course the best information is the amount they’ve won, which is provided in US dollars. You also get to find out which games these people were playing when they scooped the jackpot.

For example, Lola Z hit two jackpots playing Triple Twister. The first was for $251.05 and the second beat that significantly, winning the player $468.26. Just imagine if you managed to scoop a jackpot to get on the winner’s list!

Are there any four figure winners?

You bet – we found several on our visit to the site. One player won $1,551.41 while playing Golden Glove, while another one hit a jackpot amount of $1,007.73 while playing Crazy Vegas.

We found bigger winners as well. Jennifer B won $4,274.30 on Builder Beaver. And Manuela F managed to beat this – only just – by playing Crazy Vegas. She won $4,428.76 on this game.

How much could you win?

You just never know how much you could rake in from playing one of the games at the Cool Cat Casino. Of course you aren’t guaranteed a jackpot win like these players won, but you could get lucky. Providing you play within your limits you can enjoy the games and know you’re in with a chance of a great jackpot winning prize as well.

What better prize could there be than winning enough to stake a claim on the home page of the website? Try it today!