Cool Cat Casino

As soon as you see the Cool Cat Casino website for the first time, you’ll want to pay it close attention. This is an engaging and thrilling site that has plenty of information for you to enjoy and take advantage of. So with that said, let’s focus on getting the most out of the casino now.

Does it offer instant play games as well as a casino to download?

Yes it does, and this is why we think some players will love it. While many casinos offer practice and free play games for fun, some of them still require you to create an account and log in before you can play.

The Cool Cat Casino doesn’t do this though. All you need to do is click on instant play at the top of any page and hover your cursor over the game you like the look of. From there you simply have to choose practice mode and the game will load. It’s a great way to try a game before you decide to bet any real cash on it.

What types of casino games can you play here?

The casino games section introduces you to a wide range of options. They include slot games, table games, video poker and specialty games too. If you click on a category you are interested in you can find out more about it.

Do they offer any promotions?

Yes they do. Casinos love offering promotions almost as much as players love taking them up on them! They have a sign up promotion which currently offers you a 1000% bonus (it offers you $100 free too) and there is a monthly promotion on offer as well.

Obviously the promotions do change regularly so the best way to find out what is on offer at the moment is to go to the website to see what else they have on offer. The VIP classes are worth finding out about too because they could bring you even more bonuses.

Give the Cool Cat Casino a try today

You can see how easy it is to find reasons to visit the Cool Cat Casino. With dozens of great games, free practice play modes and much more besides, you’ll be missing a trick if you don’t pay it a visit. It could be the best site you’ve ever found for playing online slots games.