Kung Fu Rooster Rules the Roost

Kung Fu Rooster is a brand new game launched by RTG based on Asian/Far Eastern mythology and Kung Fu fighting. There is something appealing about games of this sort. The Far East is a mystical place, full of surprises, wonders and magical places. Many a movie has been based on this premise, many of them filmed in the Far East itself.

The martial art; Kung Fu has been a part of Chinese and Far Eastern culture for centuries if not millennia. The popularity of the fighting style was brought to the West by famous Kung Fu martial artist; Bruce Lee in the early 1970's. Who can forget that fight in the Colosseum in Rome between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee for the film The Way of the Dragon.

So yes, it is big news that this eagerly anticipate game release; Kung Fu Rooster is finally here. The fact that there are several Slot games based around Kung Fu and Far Eastern culture is testament to the genre's popularity. Take recent Slot games such as Kung Fu Monkey, Kung Fu Panda and Shaolin Slots, proof that the genre is alive and kicking.

What can we expect?

A lot. There is a lot of expectations preceding the release of Kung Fu Rooster. For a start, one must be curious to find out what the Rooster actually looks like. Well, I shall not spoil the fun by telling you! Better to try out the game as soon as you can to draw your own conclusions.

Hot on the heels of recent game releases Purrfect Pets and Cash Bandits 2 straight afterwards, RTG have done it again and hit the Jackpot, so to speak. A martial arts Slot was due next. If the success of these two previous releases are anything to go by, then expectations are understandably high.

The Future Beckons

Pencil July into your diary as the month Kung Fu Rooster is unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. The fascination with Kung Fu fighting and the Far Eastern culture has necessitated the release of this Slot game. The quality of the graphics, character Symbols and game system will BR second to none if previous releases are anything to go by.

At a glance, Kung Fu Rooster promises to break new ground and with a host of great feature expected, the game promises to be exciting, lucrative, and great fun to play. It can also be expected that the game will have a fair and healthy payout percentage, as previous releases have proved to have done.