Poke The Guy

Poke the Guy slot is the latest creation by those guys at Microgaming. The game blends humour with the beauty of a casino slot. With a touch of magic and a heavy dose of entertainment, Poke the Guy pushes all the right virtual buttons! The game is thrust into the spotlight for summer madness and playful wagering fun. The game features bright and vibrant graphics, wild animations and a crazy but likeable character, Poke The Guy. The slot is the first of its kind and offers players an innovative, immersive and interactive experience loaded with chances to win lots of spectacular and generous prizes. The objective of the game is to take down the giant creature terrorising the city called The Guy, and save the inhabitants from the monster madness! Players have the option of choosing from a fantastic arsenal of powerful weapons to fling at the Guy. Expect to see such unusual objects as a yellow rubber duck, a lethal piranha and other amusing creatures. Each of the various objects represents a unique bet value, which gives all players the absolute freedom to choose the weapon and wager of their choice. By tapping the electric slingshot, players can throw objects at the fearsome monster. Every item they launch counts as a wager. The Guy will try to avoid being hit by the projectiles thrown at it. He destroys famous landmarks as he appears randomly on the map. Every time The Guy turns up on the screen with a more comical pose than the previous one! If players manage to hit the monster successfully, The Guy will award players with a random payout, along with an additional chance to score more multipliers which can reach up to a maximum of 500x the wager. It grants players the opportunity to supersize their winning payouts. The game serves up some delicious excitement, and the symbols are well-crafted to fit the amusing and humorous theme. Poke the Guy is innovative in many ways. The wagering system is fluid, smooth and easy to use. It provides a wide range of bets to suit all players. The stakes are high, yet new players can use the minor betting options and penny wagering. The immersive theme takes players to another place populated by The Guy monster, and a bunch of terrified villagers. Can you stop the Guy by hitting him with projectiles from the massive catapult? Poke The Guy slots has been fully optimised and streamlined for mobile devices. The game is offered in portrait mode for added clarity, and it will work beautifully on most modern day mobile devices. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices and operating systems. Poke The Guy slots in easy to play, and the controls and wagering process are intuitive and straightforward. Players have great potential to win a generous payout and fantastic cash prizes. Poke The Guy slots introduces players to a simple, yet fun and entertaining gaming experience. It takes slot gaming to a whole new level never seen before. The exceptional and unique game is available with Microgaming and Quickfire casino operators.