Mayan Ritual Slots

Sometimes, you see the promotional image for a new slot game and your interest in that game is immediately piqued. That's how we felt about the new Mayan Ritual game from Wazdan. This software developer has been busy of late, developing and releasing plenty of new games for their collection. So, is this one going to be a winner, or will it leave you wanting something else to play?

We have yet to answer that question in full. The game will not be released until the end of August, so at the time of writing that left us with another week to wait. However, we do have that promo image to look at. This reveals two characters dressed in some exotic clothing. A man and a woman look out from behind the blue and gold Mayan Ritual title, with the man wearing an impressive headdress. There is a golden idol in the image too, along with a skull, and a temple in the background.

The Mayan theme is obvious here, and it appears we will be treated to a 5 x 4 format. The Wazdan feature of variable volatility levels is also in play. That alone should attract the attention of a lot of players. This game has been designed with plenty of modern features, ensuring it will render beautifully on both mobile devices and computers. Are you ready to play and explore the requirements of this Mayan Ritual?