Max Quest Cinematic Slots

Change is in the air! The goalposts have been moved, and a new dawn of gaming is approaching. Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots is the brainchild of Betsoft. Breaking boundaries and treading new ground, the game offers an unparalleled level of social interaction. Max Quest is set to redefine gaming. Transcending all genres and labels, Max Quest is the amalgamation of slot gaming with cinematic, action and adventure, thereby creating immersive and atmospheric gameplay.

Beyond the Reels

Max Quest is a multi-player experience that transports players deep into Egyptian tombs, to face untold dangers such as a monster Mummy, a plague of scarabs, and unfriendly Pharaoh Gods. Max Quest takes players to the next generation of gaming with the original qualities and attributes the game possesses. Players will be able to experience unparalleled levels of immersive gameplay.

Sneak Peek

Max Quest was recently premiered at the G2E in Asia, where a sneak peek of the game was screened. The game looks and feels like a movie adaptation with all the cinematic quantities and vibrant graphics that create something entirely different from anything around at present. To say that Max Quest was impressive is a gross understatement.

How does it work?

Players from around the globe can log on to Betsoft’s propitiatory engine called Vault. It offers extraordinary quality, fantastic connection and access speed and it is smooth and intuitive to use. Betsoft has one of the most extensive game catalogues in the industry, so the choice of games is never lacking. The games are available for PC, and mobile gaming and they can be downloaded or played in Instant Play mode. Over the last few months, Betsoft has been very busy! Building on the game catalogue by releasing innovative new games, such as Max Quest. Furthermore, the groundwork has been laid firmly in place for future revolutionary releases.

Trail System

One such innovative new system launched recently by Betsoft is the exceptional Trail System. Its technology has already been tested with previous releases; Reels of Wealth, Legends of the Nile, and Sugar Pop 2. The technological advances are working hand in hand with the progressive SHIFT engine. This engine makes it possible for the high-quality games to be enjoyed across multiple platforms, using only a miniscule file size.

Max Quest

Max Quest builds on the successes of previous releases, taking the level up even further and pushing the boundaries to the limit. Players can join Max on his quest deep into the ancient tombs of Egypt, in search of hidden treasure and riches. Max will come face to face with terrible dangers, facing horrific enemies on his way to finding the buried treasure. The beauty of this game lies partly in the social player interaction, as they help each other to reach milestones and pass through dangers. They work together to find collectables and ultimately, the treasure. Players primarily work together to win big! The game included rewards the item collection, achievement benefits and a leaderboard. The game is specially designed in such a way as to allow the gameplay to last beyond the spin of the reels, and the integrated gameplay moves on after each win, taking players further and deeper into the gameplay, which virtually guarantees players will want to return for more, to continue the story-driven journey.

Betsoft Pedigree

Betsoft needs little introduction and has been producing quality games for some time now. There are over 190 RNG titles to choose from, and they are widely available through strategic partnerships with some of the very best online casinos and operators. Betsoft’s SLOTS3TM brand includes true cinematic quality, 3D slots which blend exceptional graphics and audio visual excellence. The gratifying and satisfying gameplay is more typical of video games and films. Max Quest can be experienced in all its glory and beauty, and will set the gaming world on fire!