Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

The seal is broken. The temple of the ancient sun god has been breached, and all hell is breaking loose. Max Quest and his band of ragged adventurers are ready to enter the subterranean maze of destiny and fortune. But wait, first you have to beat Ra’s ancient curse and fight his army of the undead before getting your hands on the undiscovered treasures of the ancient kingdom of Egypt. Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is an exciting slot by BetSoft, and it is a gem of a game. The game is revolutionary as it allows multiplayer gaming is taking action to new heights.

Symbols of the Undead

Once you access the game, you are immediately faced with an army of ancient symbols and game icons which fit beautifully into the Egyptian theme. All the symbols are original and created specifically for this game and include the following. A Crimson Bataanta, an Emerald Bataanta, the Golden Tomb Scrabbler, the Risen from the dead Fire Mummy and the Risen Fire Scarab. Then there is a Scarab which is Hatchling, an eerie Shadow Scarab, a Tahawy Warrior, a Wrapped Minion, a Wrapped Shadowguard and a Wrapped Spiritguard. As giant mutated scarab beetles litter the floor and reanimated mummies shuffle around dark, sand-choked chambers and secret passages, the Evil spirits of all the vengeful pharaohs will burst from their tombs standing between you and your objective, a horde of historical artifice, jewels, gold and treasure.

Weapons & Allies

As you wander through the dark corridors to face evil and your destiny, you will have some weapons to help you on your quest. You can get your hands on shotguns, plasma guns, laser rifles, machine guns and grenades which may drop down at the feet randomly, or you can call them down by using the buy-in mechanic feature. The best chance lies with your allies. Fellow players by your side against evil is more powerful than all the weapons put together, and that is the originality and beauty of this unique game.

Maximum Overdrive Gameplay

As you search for treasure in the dark passageways and chambers, you will have mummies rising from the dust to contend with. The gem-encrusted Scarab beetles are scuttling everywhere and, warriors are riding from the dead and sharpening their weapons and Shadowguard shuffle forward in their dark funeral shrouds. When you start the game, you are matched with as many as five other players in console style lobbies. You will all need to work closely together to defeat the evil Ra and his army of reanimated mummies. As you deafest these enemies one by one, you start accumulating weapons that you can use later. The risen mummies also award gifts, prizes and treasure when you send them back to hell. The game includes extensive social features, an XP-driven player progression, multiple rewards for achievements, an avatar-style customisation and a leaderboard prize pool which is specifically designed to power such seasonal events and battles with Max Quest.

Game System & Wagering

Max Quest breaks the mould and serves up a totally unique game. The reels and symbols are replaced with an interactive, all-action shooting experience an interactive, all-action fast shooting gaming experience. The betting can be operated via the control buttons, and several bet sizes are emanating primarily from the coin sizes. They start out at just $0.01, rising incrementally as follows $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, with $0.25 being the top coin value. However, you can wager up to 500 coins per spin really upping the large bet limit. Rather than a spin button, you have to aim at the enemy a shoot him down. Replacing the pay lines, you have the bullets that randomly shoot down your prey and paying out coins as they do so. The game essentially replaces the core concepts of RNG gaming. Instead, players must pool their skills together, use special weapons and rise through the levels.


Max Quest manages to do what no other game has done before. The game successfully integrates social gaming, gambling and video gaming, with is a revolutionary achievement. The customisation and personalisation of avatars and tools is another groundbreaking experience for a casino game. The leaderboards and in seasonal competitions add even more excitement and anticipation for a new kind of game that is incredibly immersive and atmospheric.


Designed to surprise and satisfy slot players, Max Quest The Wrath of Ra is an innovative game that will win over slot players. It has an excellent wagering system, and the gameplay is intense and exciting. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the social aspect of the game as you unite with the other players to defeat a common enemy and each wins a significant payout on the process. The game can be played on mobile along with desktop, with the former optimised the exceptional mobile gaming. If you are really looking for something new, different and entirely original, then Max Quest is the shooting game for you.