Free Spins on Banana Jones Slots

Banana Jones slot is in the way offering players an entirely new and innovative gaming experience. The call of the wild jungle is much too strong to resist, and you simply must answer it, as you cannot resist its allure! You will head off into the jungle wilderness to brave the dangers lurking there. Are you up to the challenge? Perhaps you will return with your pockets lined with gold and full of riches!

Banana Style!

Banana Jones is a vibrant and stylish video slot game that has been created by the respected game developers,iSoftBet. Banana Jones slots will transport you to the deep jungle on a wild treasure hunt and superlative adventure. Gear up, get ready and be prepared to explore the thick and unforgiving jungles to discover the ancient ruins of a lost civilisation. You might even end up finding your way to the legendary lost city of golf, Eldorado. Discover what Banana Jones is willing to offer concerning winning cash payouts and prizes loaded with generous bonuses.

Enter the Forbidden Jungle

Banana Jones slots game offers players jaw-dropping graphics and a totally immersive and atmospheric theme where players are thrown right into the dense and deep heart of a seemingly impenetrable jungle. There are lots of dangerous and strange animals, and creatures and a mysterious atmosphere abound. The entire screen of the game is covered in a beautifully lush green foliage, with vines leaves and shrubs lining the screen from the top tight to the bottom. The reels are all coloured in green, with the command buttons located at the base of the screen, standing out clearly and carved right into the wood of the trees themselves. Banana Jones slots offers players superb and immersive gameplay that gives a brand new meaning to the word slot. The game has the unique ability to bury players right into an imaginary and wild environment. If you are really looking for real adventure, you have indeed come to the right place! Let’s move on and see how we can explore the thick jungles and our new surroundings.

Banana Jones Set-Up & Layout

Banana Jones slots offers players an amazingly open gameplay that allows them to customise the game settings to suit their preferences. Beginners and seasoned slot players will be able to find their exact favourite parameters very quickly by using the command bar. The game layout features 5-reels and 15 active pay lines. Players should feel free to activate any of the pay lines as they are variable. The game indicates clearly where your wager will be placed and the symbol combinations can turn a simple spin of the reels into lucrative cash prizes. The coin values can be selected using the (+) and (-) game control buttons, and the can choose to wager one, two, or three coins on the active pay lines with their subsequent spin. The winning combinations that turn up on the reels depend entirely on the symbol combinations players land and the size of their wager. The more you bet on the pay lines, the more you can win back in return. You can make use of the bet max shortcut and place the highest bet possible, and Banana Jones has a really smooth operating wagering system. The slot game includes an auto spin function. It can enable the setting of the reels to spin and places the same wager again.

Symbols of Exotic Fruit and Animals

Banana Jones slots offers players a generous paytable, full of origin and exciting reel game symbols that line up on the reels and can trigger amazing and generous cash prizes. The most common symbols are the card values. They include the Jack, Queen, King and Ace cards. They ate the standard symbols of the game and can be worth from 2 up to 100 times the value of the latest wager. They are followed up jointly by the chameleon and the parrot game icons. These are a little rarer to appear but can trigger payouts of up to 250x your latest bet! Making up the rest of the list of game symbols, you will encounter a hippo, a kiwi, a pineapple, starfruit and of course, bananas, which can be worth up to 500 times the latest bet you placed. The gorilla symbol follows. The gorilla is only topped by the Banana Jones game logo symbol, which is very rare, however, if it does turn up, you can trigger a considerable win equivalent to 5,000 times your latest bet.

Banana Bonuses & Multipliers

To further increase the chances of winning a considerable payout prize playing the fantastic Banana Jones, you really need to keep good an eye open for the wild leaf game icon. If it lands anywhere on the reels, it can replace any of the other symbols listed so far. It can really come in handy. The scatter game icon will trigger additional prizes regardless of where it lands on the reels. You can effectively win up to 25 times your total bet. Last but certainly not least, Banana Jones slots also features two great multipliers that can turn up at random on the reels. Any combination including a 2x or 4x symbol will have its value doubled or quadrupled instantly!

Best of the Rest

Banana Jones is a solid slot game with high stakes and bucket loads of fun. It is a relatively easy classic slot game to play with some beautiful modern features and a generous basic symbols payouts, that can yield some exciting winning payout prizes. The immersive jungle theme spices up the otherwise standard fruit symbols that land on the reels. Regarding bonuses, Banana Jones slots has a lot to offer, and the multiplier payouts can really boost your cash balance. Even when sticking to the classic symbol combinations, you can still get some decent rewards out of the game if you are willing to bet a little bit extra on the reels of fortune.


Banana Jones is a fantastic non-progressive 5-reel video slot with 15 pay lines. The game serves up multipliers, a scatter, a wild and the game offers a maximum jackpot payout prize of an astounding $120,000! The slot game is even more appealing thanks to the excellent casino slot features such as the wild, multipliers and scatters. They all offer more chances to win a hefty payout. When all the right symbols combine, you will not miss a thing, and enjoy everything! The game icons offering good fun and bring something different to the mix. You can play Banana Jones slots for as little as $0.02 per spin when wagering on the massive non-progressive jackpot. The jackpot payout can quickly rise to $90.00 for every turn, however, you will need to activate all the pay lines as well as betting the maximum bet limit. Apart from the massive jackpot payout that you could win from the game, it is worth noting that Banana Jones slots is pleasant and entertaining slot game to play and looks colourful, cheerful and bright. Once you start spinning the reels of Banana Jones slots, you will discover the jungle theme and a fruity slot that is extremely fun and entertaining to play, especially when you have a reasonable chance to win the massive jackpot payout prize!