Banana Jones Slots

Expect Banana Jones slots to surprise you. There are symbols with monkeys, snakes, leopards and of course bananas! Yet another jungle themed Gaju you might ask yourself. However, Banana Jones is entirely different from all the other slots out there. This jungle is a magical, dangerous, and mysterious place indeed, with hidden treasures, riches, secrets and a collection of fascinating wild animals. Developed by Real Time Gaming, Banana Jones offers a unique gameplay and wagering process. The layout itself is unorthodox and unconventional. RTG has managed to incorporate a bit of everything and several great gaming elements into Banana Jones.

Objectives & Theme

Banana Jones slots will take you on an incredible expedition into the heart of the mysterious forest where a secret hidden ancient temple keeps the magical Crystal Banana safe and guarded. Banana Jones is hot on the trail of the Crystal Banana. He seeks out artefacts from all over the world to save them from evil use. The character is loosely based on Indiana Jones. There are subtle differences; however, Banana Jones is actually a tiny pink monkey wearing pilot’s goggles! You will join the artefact seeker and adventurer on his quest into the jungle of secrets in search of the forbidden Cristal Banana. You will trek through the jungle on your way towards the hidden temple. You will need to carefully follow the instructions on the map collecting rewards in your way towards your final destination.

Gameplay & Controls

Banana Jones slots is played with two dice. Whenever you throw the dice the outcome can be anything from two snake eyes, right up to twelve; a pair of sixes. Subsequently, out hero Banana Jones proceeds according to the outcome of the roll of the dice. Players get five rolls of the dice, and if Banana Jones lands on a snake’s head, he will slide down the snake to the bottom, and he will have to start from scratch. On the positive side, if Banana Jones steps on the end of a vine, then he will be propelled right to the top of the vine. Banana Jones is not a typical slot game, with many innovative features. The game icons are creatively designed and enrich the game with excitement.

Magical Jungle Symbols

Banana Jones is graced with several beautifully crafted and styled game symbols. The snakes and vines game icons players will encounter on their way through the jungle are among the more valuable ones, so is the powerful diamond symbol. The more winning symbols players manage to pick up during the game are stored on the counter to be found on the screen, located on the left-hand side of the map. Landing all five diamond symbols ensures a hefty payout, and three vine symbols will be needed to restart the counter.

Treasure Wheel & Crystal Banana Quest

The fantastic Treasure Wheel Feature along with the Crystal Banana Quest create all the bonus action. They are activated as soon as Banana Jones managed to reach the Treasure Wheel position, and the former is enabled. The latter bonus is triggered when Banana Jones arrives at the temple itself. During the Treasure Wheel Bonus round, players get to spins the wheel with chances to win astronomical cash prizes and payouts. On the other hand, the Crystal Banana Quest Bonus feature offers players the possibility of picking a treasure chest containing different fruit including plums, apples, bananas, grapes or pears. There are then added to the player’s game counter. Banana Jones has a pretty high maximum payout of 2,565x the bet! In the absence of a progressive jackpot, the top payout will do nicely! Betting higher stakes can indeed lead to life-changing winning payouts, and takes the hand to another level.

Mobile Banana Jones

The mobile version of Banana Jones is a worthy adversary to the desktop version of the game. It has been modified, optimised and streamlined for exceptional mobile gaming, whether using a tablet or a smartphone. It is fully compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems and mobile devices. Banana Jones may be downloaded to the mobile device or PC. There is the extra option of playing Banana Jones slots in Instant Play mode, and there is no need to wait or download the game.


Banana Jones Slots is an innovative new slot game that has been developed and released by Real Time Gaming. It is undoubtedly not a game to miss out on. Banana Jones, who is the main character of the game is prepared to do whatever it takes to get his hands on the coveted Crystal Banana, which lies hidden deep in the jungle in the ancient city. Banana Jones has an unusual ‘snakes and ladders’ board game layout and theme which creates an original gameplay. Banana Jones will eventually have to face off against the evil Leopold the vicious and cruel Leopard with his battalions of crawling and slithering snakes. The skilled navigator will throw the dice to help Banana Jones retrieve the treasure from the temple.