8 Lucky Charms Sweepstakes Slots

Delve into the mysterious and fascinating ancient Chinese civilization and come back with many riches! 8 Lucky Charms is a fantastic Spinomenal video slot dedicated to Chinese culture and symbols. With the game's gas-efficient graphics coupled with extensively customizable gameplay, 8 Lucky Charms might become a gateway to high-stakes and thrilling game sessions. Let's dive deep into this gaming universe and find out about the theme of 8 Lucky Charms and how to put all chances on your side to win big, of course. 8 Lucky Charms cut to the chase and waste time creating a complex and detailed gaming universe. The background is a uniform shade of bright red, which is traditionally the color of prosperity in ancient China. The elaborate ornaments that run across your reel grid are the other details you will see. The result is beautiful and straightforward, with a dynamic feel. The music is what you would expect of traditional Chinese music, and the calm and peaceful melody helps you relax and focus on the high stakes of the game. There is no need to be an expert of Ancient Chinese history to wrap your head around the intense gameplay of 8 Lucky Charms, although it's more likely to be popular with Chinese players. The Spinomenal developers ensured that the commands were visible and neatly packed at the base of your screen, right below the spinning reels. The game is on a set of 5-reels and 50 paylines, which is more than enough to create many winning possibilities! You can't modify the number of paylines, but you can still adjust your bet per payline by clicking the plus and minus arrows in the bottom left corner of the screen. Your future rewards depend on the nature of the symbols you line up on your paylines and the amount of your stake.

You can claim rewards for your courage with higher cash rewards, so feel free to adjust your bet to fit your play style. You can hit the red Play button in the bottom right-hand corner to validate your settings and spin the reels. Your winnings will automatically add to your credit total, which shows in the balance display. Alternatively, you can click on the AutoBet button to spin the reels for as long as you want, with a constant bet. It's the perfect option for you if you're going to watch the action unfold before your eyes without interruption. You can exit the AutoBet mode anytime. For example, you can adjust your bets by clicking on that button again. The game takes its name from the eight symbols that constitute the paytable. The first four are lower-paying icons inspired by playing card symbols. The jack, the Queen, the King, and the Ace show up red, Chinese calligraphy fonts frequently on your reels, compensating for the low payouts in the long run. The Golden Coin, the Turtle, the Empress, and Emperor are the final four on the menu. They are a bit rarer on your screen; however, their payouts are significantly better than for the first. Therefore, it would be extremely wise to keep your eyes open to spot them when they show up. The unique icons in 8 Lucky Charms are valuable and beautiful. The Tiger is the Wild card of the game and, therefore, can replace any of the basic symbols to create different winning combos.

With more than a Tiger in a winning combination, an additional multiplier will be added to the mixture, with 3x for three Tigers, 5x for four. Tigers transform into Dragons when they appear in a stunning animation, and the Dragon occupies the third reel during the Free Spins. The lucky Cat Scatter is your key to the free games, and three of them anywhere on your reels let you choose how many Free Spins to play, together with a win multiplier. Lastly, the Scatter Ying-Yang triggers a bonus round where your task is to flip coins until three of the same color reveal themselves. You can pocket the corresponding cash payout prize at once! 8 Lucky Charms starts as a simple game that's rich in bonus features. The result is a well-designed slot game that you will not forget soon. That might not have the dedicated fan following Konami's China Shores slot, but it may do in the future. The Wild card is a Tiger, and it substitutes the basic symbols. What is significant is the Wild can help to complete the winning combination by transforming itself into a dragon. When three appear on the screen, your cashout multiplies by three. Four Wild provide a prize multiplied by your total by four. The kitty is the Scatter, and three of them will get you into the Free Spins bonus round. On the new display, one will see three kinds of games you can play. The Purple Cat sitting on the throne gives you five free spins and a multiplier for all the rewards by four.

The blue one brings ten free spins and doubles your payout. Finally, the green Maneki Neko is awarding the player with a unique twenty free DOO MVs, and there aren't any multipliers. Three Yin and Yang icons activate the so-called Pick game. You get twelve signs in the shape of circles and bars in different colors, green, blue, purple, the yellow, on the right side of your screen. By clicking the Yin and Yang, rewards reveal themselves. They have different amounts behind them, and every reward uncovered is adjourned to the bar that has the same color as the circle. The game finishes successfully when three rings of any color accumulate.

Fortunate Charms

If you play 8 Lucky Charms for free, expect that the inventory of the winning combinations for all the other cards is precise in the info section. The machine is provided with Fast Play and AutoBet options, saving some time for the player. The slot machine is available free online 8 Lucky Charms slot machine or a real investment money mode, and the RTP is average at 97%. The Tiger and Dragon are representative of power and strength. The turtle is wisdom, and the Yin and Yang with a gold coin bring you fortune and harmony. Maneki Neko, a famous cat, an older man resembling a prophet, and a lady with traditional style are amulets. The cat is lucky, the older man is one of the seven fortune gods of Japan, and a girl looks like a Kishio, ten a goddess of good luck and beauty.