6 Reel Slots

The first real reel story is of five reels. The classic slots have blossomed from three reels to five, but the six-reel slot machines remain an outlying trend at the moment. That doesn't help, and you shouldn't get ahead of the fashion, though. Adding an extra reel doesn't or shouldn't affect your gaming experience. It won't make winning more likely but adds the opportunity to look at a game in a new way with new manners of putting winning combinations together. If you like a game with many visual appeals, six reel slot machines give designers more space to explore their artistic talents. Six reel slot games shake up the genre, and tumbling symbols and uneven reels are more likely to feature in six-reelers than standard five-reel machines, encouraging players to turn off and go through the motions. So why wouldn't gaming companies do just the same and not bother offering you something innovative and exciting!

What are Reels, and what do they Mean for Players?

The slot machine game has become a massively complex and potentially sophisticated software in the internet age. However, behind all those beautiful graphics, animations, and those sound effects, there sits something relatively simple, a computer reeling off strings of random numbers to deliver an unpredictable result. Think of a slot machine as a relative of mechanical games you see in casinos or bars instead of as a string of random numbers. It's a fascinating thought experiment and a stark reminder that you're up against cold, complex computer logic when you play a slot, and there's no way around it. The reels do affect the odds of winning or losing a particular spin. But not in a way that affects the end-user. The odds against any specific outcome in the random sequences on slot machines depend on the number of symbols and the number of possible effects. The original slot machines were much more straightforward and probably much less honest than today's machines. And they provide a great example. Classic slot machines have three reels, and let's say each spin has ten symbols on it that repeat across the reels, and you win a prize for a set of three. That gives a 999 to one chance of hitting winning combinations of symbols. That's as simple as it gets. If you want to examine that thoroughly, you can find statistical breakdowns of the slot machines. The more symbols and more reels make the sums more complicated. Despite this, they are likely to turn out with a very similar result.

6 Reel Slots Winning Odds

That's since slot machines are programmed to deliver a profit. That's right. They aren't rigged, in the sense that there isn't a genuine toss-of-a-coin moment; however, the people who design them know very well what they're doing. What they are doing is delivering a game that makes money; therefore, they create machines that, over their lifetime and with random play, will provide a return to the casino site. That's the house edge in traditional casino games, and it more often shows as a theoretical return to player figure within slot machine game guides. The statistics are good reading for players because they have big numbers, always upwards of 75% and usually around 95 to 97% in the current market. However, in this figure, the casino makes its profit, and that 4% goes into their pockets. So people often misunderstand this figure as being a measure of how their session should go. You may get that sort of return on your money, but the RTP figure is a long-term measure, usually of how the machine will perform over its whole life. The statistics are typically fixed by law; therefore, you should check that any site you play offers machines that operate within the limit prescribed by the licensing authority.

The Extra 6th Reel

The extra reel in a six-reel slot is an aesthetic device. It should not; it can't affect your game in its fundamentals. So do not be fooled by any reviews telling you that an online video slot is luckier or more likely to deliver wins because it has more reels and therefore more symbols. First, you should look at the RTP rate and see if it's in reasonable ranges. They always are because that's what players demand. Next, you can check the volatility of a machine. That might alter with the number of reels because some outcomes, full houses, basically will become less likely. But, again, this will all be balanced out to produce an RTP in the usual range. Still, volatility is a useful measure because it tells you how likely a machine is to deliver regular smaller wins with low volatility or less frequent big wins with high variance. The truth is that most online slots offer medium volatility. They want to be delivered often enough to keep players interested, but not so repeatedly that they're losing cash! So again, it's an imprecise measure, but it's something you might want to consider.

More Fun with Six Reels

Gambling should always be fun, and six-reels is a way to add another dimension. However many reels you play with, you should always play safely and legally. Six reel slots won't make your money last longer or make a big win more likely, and it won't stop you from losing everything if you gamble too irresponsibly. Check out the safe gambling rules when you play a six reels slot game. That's especially important since six reel slots are unfamiliar, and you might find yourself scratching your head and wondering why you haven't won a prize for a set of symbols if you haven't adequately studied the paytable. Be a six-reel slot shooter, and you may well enjoy this exciting new dimension in slots at your favorite casino today! Casino slot developers started creating six reel slots back in 2015. The goal was to expand the winning possibilities. Most video slot games come in a regular five-wheel format but have a sixth reel that you can activate on the side. In other situations, the title has six vertical rows with symbols on them. Unfortunately, you rarely see classic fruit and bar types of games with a sixth reel. However, in the future, software developers will produce many more new titles. Over the past few years, some game providers have tested games with seven reels. However, they didn't go down too well with online betting fans.

Many New 6 Reel Slots Available

Most commonly, players don't care how many vertical rows appear on slot machine games. Instead, players want to score as many matching combinations to win as much money as frequently as possible. It seems that adding more paylines makes it possible to have more ways to win, which is more popular. Most real money gambling public only care about when the game tells them they beat, scored a bonus game, or hit the fixed-coin or progressive jackpot. Realistically, slot machine players have a lot more to do with the number of columns and rows with symbols than most people think. When you add more icons, you increase the number of space developers. As a result, such providers can present more complex gameplay with some bonuses in some situations. Usually, when talking about keeping it simple, stick with a three-reel classic game. However, a six-reel slot can be more confusing than a five-reelers. However, the games can be a lot of fun in most situations. 6-reel slot machines allow game developers to open up more possibilities for every spin. Ultimately, that means that players will be rewarded with even bigger prizes when they score six matching symbols instead of five or three. In addition, that new format creates more ways to win, including adding more paylines.

More Possibilities with 6 Reels

While the six-reel slots may appear strange when you first start to play, you should catch on quickly. In many cases, such game titles don't have anything you haven't seen before in three or five-reel slots. There's an addition of another vertical row. Currently, there are not that many six reel slots at land-based casinos. However, you'll find more at online casinos. If you're looking to try something fresh, new, and unique, you may want to take a look at two very cool games.

Best 6 Reel Slots: Raging Rhinos

Raging Rhinos is a WMS slot with 6-reels and 4,096 ways to win, and the innovative game offers a Safari theme and lots of bonuses. The features include free spins, win multipliers, and buy-in of the bonus feature. The exciting slot game has a colorful design and a heavy drum soundtrack that adds to the African story of the game. The WMS video slot has a very generous RTP rate of over 96%, and it has a high variance, meaning that you can expect some substantial winning returns.

Best 6 Reel Slots: Starquest Megaways

Starquest is a 6-reel slot game by Big Time Gaming. It offers 117,649 winning ways, free spins, and it pays both ways. In addition, the slot machine has re-spins, wilds, scatters, and bonus spins. The slot game offers a solar system backdrop and has characters that can take up the entire reel. Slot players favor the game because of the number of paylines and range of bonus games.

Best 6 Reel Slots: Book of Ra 6

Book of Ra is a Novomatic classic slot that's popular with many slot players. However, the popular game is a different version from the original, thanks to the extra reel. The 6-reel, three rows slot displays an Egyptian theme, bonus features, and big wins. It's essentially a 5-reel game with a twist, and you'll need to activate the sixth reel using the extra betting option, and it's an unusual slot format. Players love the extra bet as it enables them to select the reels that they play, enjoy the screen layout with either five or six reels.

Best 6 Reel Slots: Wolf Legend Megaways

Wolf Legend Megaways is a Blueprint Gaming slot with many extra features, including a cascading reel, a wild wolf symbol, and an incredible 117,649 ways to win. In addition, the slot machine has golden streak re-spins and has an animal theme. Wolf Legend is a viral slot machine game and is a classic that is recognizable from the land-based casinos. The slot machine offers an RTP payout rate of 96.5%, which far exceeds 95%. In addition, Wolf Legend has a bonus feature of free spins, wilds, and win multipliers.

Best 6 Reel Slots: Bonanza Megaways

Bonanza Megaways is a 6-reel Big Time Gaming slot release with 117,649 winning ways, free spins, and up to 12,000x the triggering bet. In addition, the slot machine has multipliers, reaction reels, and the Megaways game engine. Bonanza Megaways is an engaging slot with a mining theme, unearth the best diamond scatters and other gem symbols. Game types that display six reels have more ways to win, giving you plenty of chances to win combinations. With an RTP rate of 96%, you can expect regular wins and enjoy the number of bonus feature options.

Best 6 Reel Slots: Extra Chilli Megaways

Extra Chilli Megaways is a Big Time Gaming slot game with 6-reels and 117,649 paylines. The spicy themed game comes with Mexican symbols, a backdrop of garlic and chilies, and it also exhibits round bonus options such as free spins, wilds, and reaction features. In addition, it has loads of explosive bonus features and firework symbols, chili symbols, and gold letters. The exciting slot machine game comes with the opportunity to land a big win of 20,000x your stake. The RTP rate is over 96% and has high volatility. The reel rows can alternate during the gameplay, with them offering two to five.

Best 6 Reel Slots: Age of the Gods: Glorious Griffin

Age of the Gods: Glorious Griffin is a Playtech slot with 6-reels, 4,096 winning ways, and several outstanding bonus features. The 6-reel slot machine is a progressive jackpot game with big wins and brandishing unlimited free spins and features. That essentially means that there are many ways to win, with over 4,000 paylines and large win combos. In addition, you can find unlimited bonus spins and other features. The slot machine game has a Greek mythology theme and a storyline to captivate casino players from beginning to end.

Best 6 Reel Slots: 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels

Take classic slot gambling to the next level with 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels. Fresh from the EGT games stable, 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels takes the nostalgic slot magic and ramps up the reel-winning fun. The game features stacking symbols, 40 paylines, and lots of action. You can land wild symbols and special Scatter symbols with massive payouts. Who can resist EGT's classic gamble feature? If you like playing progressive slot games, you'll warm to the Mystery Jackpot Cards Bonus feature. It's EGT's unique take on pooled jackpots where any spin can trigger an incredible prize bonus round, which is up for grabs is one of four top progressive prizes. When it comes to classic titles, EGT is leading the way to fun and easy-to-play slots. So how do 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels compare to others in EGT's back catalog? Over the past few years, Bulgarian developer Euro Games Technology has made a name for themselves for their range of classic 3-reel and 5-reel slots. Games such as 20 Burning Hot and Great 27 feature simple gameplay and mouth-watering payout prizes. But many of them feed into a Mystery Jackpot Card progressive pot. The Mystery Jackpot Cards Bonus has four linking progressive jackpots that can pay out a considerable sum. The 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels is one of the new additions to the slot range. And while many EGT games have three or five reels, this new game is going all out with six reels. The symbols are fundamental, and there is little music or sound effects. You can play for real money through your web browser or on your mobile device. However, behind the basic gameplay, you'll unearth a clean, slick slot machine that plays well on any device. The 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels has 40 paylines that you can't adjust. You can stake up to 50 coins, and their values start at $0.01. The classic EGT coin button allows you to adjust your stakes with a single tap. You can adapt the coins to bet from 50 to 1,000 a spin.

40 Burning Hot 6 Reels slot has eight regular symbols to aim and win for and win. At the base level, you can get oranges, plums, lemons, or cherries. These all pay 5 to 200 coins when you land three to six of a kind. The medium-level symbols are the bell, 10 to 500 coins, watermelon, and grapes. The watermelon and grapes pay 15 to 1,000 coins for three to six. Finally, the red Seven is the jackpot, and it pays 30 to 3,000 coins when you land three to six on an active winning payline. With so many stacks, 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels online slot has volatility. It's possible to hit wins using low-paying symbols; however, to land the best-paying Sevens is harder. 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels has two prize Scatters. They will payout regardless of where they land, but the prices vary quite a lot.

Moreover, look out for the gold dollar sign. You can win a prize worth 2x your stake for landing three scatters, 20x for four scatters, and 250x your stake for five. Hit six scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, and you will win a payout worth 500x your stake. The purple star appears on the second, third, and fourth reels only. Thus, three stars pay 10x stake, while four stars pay 200x your triggering stake. The green shamrock is the Wild, and it will substitute for the regular game symbols except the two scatters. The Wild symbol only appears on reels two to five. The 40 Burning Hot 6 Reels slot has another big bonus, the Mystery Jackpot Cards feature. The EGT slot is part of a range of slot machines where you can win four progressive jackpots. The Mystery Jackpot Cards Bonus will start at random after any spin. In addition, you will get to play a particular game where you must uncover hidden playing card suits. If you can match three playing card suits, and you will bag the related jackpot. For example, match-three hearts, and you'll win the beating heart jackpot. If you match three spades, you'll win the highest real money jackpot, which can be hundreds of thousands of coins.


You shouldn't be ashamed of enjoying the list of 6-reel games from such studios as Playtech, Kalamba Games, Playson, and Platipus Gaming. Most developers create projects that are legends in the world of digital slots. Experienced players know such games as Pink Elephants slots, Blood Eternal slots, Fairy Forest slots, and God's Temple slots. If you pay attention to the 6-reel projects, you'll quickly realize that they have powerful engines. They provide exciting visual effects and glamourous bonus systems and options. If you want to enjoy a couple of 6-reel slots on portable devices, then you'll find such good options like AutoPlay.

Moreover, it will help to earn money without doing anything at all. You only have to check statistics from time to time, and it will be enough to understand how many coins you'll earn. 6-reel slots are simple, just like any other project from the net. But what makes them unique is the size of a gaming field. You can enjoy such games anywhere you want, as they are accessible even on mobile phones and tablets. It is up to the gamer which platform to choose and how to play. No matter how cheap your device is, you can still run 6-reel projects because they have no requirements for the hardware. All they need is your attention and a good connection to Wi-Fi or Cell-Phone Data.