Gemtopia Slots

Here is a big piece of news from the world of online casino gambling.

There are some new slot machines coming out. One is Kung Fu Rooster Slots. This game incorporates animals and an Asian theme into its theme similar to the popular movie Kung Fu Panda. Another slot machine coming out is Dragon Orb. This game is reminiscent of the classic game Dungeons and Dragons in terms of the theme. Lastly, let's talk about Gemtopia.

This is an online slot machine based on gems. There are 15 paylines in the game. One feature in Gemtopia is that the game has a progressive jackpot. This feature is really player friendly. A progressive jackpot simply keeps growing till you, the online casino gambler, hit it. Winning one does not depend on the amount wagered. It also does not matter what the result of your previous spin.

The makers of Gemtopia clearly have made a game in keeping with their set theme of fems.

The game is all about gemstones. It is logical that a jewel would appear in the game as a wild symbol. A green gemstone also appears in this game as a slot machine reel symbol. There is potential for reel symbols to combine to form potentially profitable combos. Another innovative feature in this online slot machine is that it has the option of free spins. Let's break this down. A free spin is a player friendly feature. If you, the online casino gambler, win an amount of free spins this will mean that the game plays itself for a set period. You do not have to deposit and potentially risk more money. The free spins are triggered by bonus gemstone slot machine reel symbols. The bonus gemstones have a lot of potential profit. A player simply needs to click on them.

Both veteran and new online casino gamblers should keep an eye out for this online slot machine.

Great Slots Await You

There are a lot of online slot machines in the world of online casino gambling. The developers of Gemtopia deserve credit for coming up with an original theme. There are not a lot of online slots with gem themes. There are many based on themes liken Ancient Rome, animals, movies or Ancient Egypt.

This game also has the option to be played from a mobile device. This helps with folks on the go. Keep an eye out for all three of those slot games as time marches on.