2 Fantastic New Releases from RTG

RTG Software has done it again! This time it’s two instead of one. Two absolute killer slots set to enter classic status soon after release. The magic of Shanghai in China is brought in the form of Shanghai Lights Slots. This slot transports players to modern day China to wager at some of the most impressive casinos in the world. The other surprise, is an Asian themed slot, Fantasy Mission Force. The heroes are Asian, but the action of World a War II setting. The Mission Force need to save captured allied generals before they disclose secret invasion plans. Both games are supremely creative and offer real casino gambling thrills and excitement with a great encompassing theme covering the wagering process. Let’s take a closer look at each one in a bit more detail.

Shanghai Lights

Shanghai Lights Slots serves up an unmistakable and atmospheric game theme. The beautiful and appropriate game symbols add a touch of Chinese magic without being over the top. The gambling and casino action is highlighted and under the bright spotlight. The game offers some exciting casino features, such as a bonus round, free spins, a Wild feature and much more besides. They all add tremendous value to the game and make it all the more appealing and attractive to players. The payouts are healthy and bountiful, making the game satisfying if one chooses to play for a long while. Betting higher amounts do attract further wins and higher payouts, as the probabilities are increased. In effect, this is a highly engaging and entertaining slot game, released just in time for the New Year.

Fantasy Mission Force

The other new release is also Far Eastern-themed, in a way. The character heroes are Chinese, and they are on a rescue mission to save four generals from disclosing secret plans. There are in fact, four characters who team up to rescue the generals. The backdrop is a World War II scene, complete with flaming watchtowers and explosions. The game symbols reflect and compliment the theme perfectly. You will find ions such as the four hero characters, knives, revolvers, Wild dynamite and so much more besides. The game offers up a host of exciting casino features and functions that lend considerable dynamics and additional winning opportunities.

Two is Better than One: Conclusion

Releasing the two games together creates a slight problem for players. Which one do they try first? Since both are absolute killers, it will be a hard choice, but the decision is yours. The quality is evident in both games, and releasing them together is indeed a masterstroke, as two games of substance are probably better than only one! Try out Fantasy Mission Force and Shanghai Lights, and you will have two excellent games that both offer unparalleled casino gambling action with immersive and atmospheric Chinese themes. Enter the Dragon!