New Robin Hood Themed Slot

Robin Hood is back in this latest incarnation of the legend of the hero who stole from rich people, to give to poor ones. The game is ‘on the mark’ and hits the bullseye perfectly! Robin Hood was the undisputed champion of the underdog and the best archer in the land. His skills with a bow and arrow were unmatched by anyone in the nation at the time. Robin Hood and His Merry Wins is the title of this beautiful creation and excellent casino game. There are 20 pay lines, 5-reels, along with a 3-row setup. The wagering ranges from $0.20 per spin as a minimum, rising to a more substantial $100 per spin.

Character Symbols

Robin is joined by his band of merry men, including Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan-a-Dale, and Will Scarlet. Robin’s love; Maid Marian is here too, and they battle against the evil and greedy Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John and their powerful knights and soldiers. Joining the above game symbols, there is a Free Spins logo, a game logo, and a Bonus symbol. The former acts as a Scatter symbol, with the power to activate the Free Spins round by getting three of them on the reels.

Robin’s Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

The game incorporates two separate bonus rounds. The first is called On The Mark. Here Robin shoots his arrow at a target to reveal multiplier prizes and awards. There are three targets, and Robin has only one shot, so make it count! The other bonus round involves selecting Wanted Posters and hoping to find one of Robin’s Merry Men. There is a chance the Sheriff of Nottingham appears, so players beware. To win the round, players will have to select Wanted Posters and avoid getting the dreaded Sheriff! After picking five correct posters with merry men, Robin will be reunited with Maid Marian. With the Free Spins round, three Free Spins symbols will activate them, awarding players 20 free spins. During this round, the payouts and wins occur more frequently than during regular play. The reason for this is that the Robin Hood symbol, which is also the Wild of the game, appears stacked on the reels, to increase the potential payouts.

The Best of Robin

This new take on the legendary story of Robin Hood brought to life with this great slot, is by far one of the best incarnations. The adventures of Robin is Sherwood Forest, and his daring escapades captivate the player as the game flows forward. And the legend of Robin Hood has fascinated people for many years and the legend has endured many years, since the Middle Ages. Although Robin Hood is mostly a fictional character, he is based on a real person who lived in those times. His escapades and adventures championing the poor have been ingrained in the modern culture. This Robin is different, and the bonuses and free spins add real value and tremendous excitement and chances to win. There is a streamlined and specially optimised mobile version of the game which has its specific bonuses using that medium. In fact, the game will perform exquisitely on modern day tablets as well as smartphones, both iOS and Android versions. The game may be downloaded or played in Instant Play mode. This version of Robin’s story is fun and entertaining and deserves a look at. It is loaded with great features, an engrossing atmosphere and a humorous touch. Robin and his Merry Wins should thrill and provide an excellent casino gaming experience. Try it out!