Robin Hood and His Merry Wins Slots

Robin Hood and his Merry Wins is a mouthful of a title, yet a slick and polished slot game. The theme is centred around the legend of that rascal of a thief, Robin Hood. Stealing from rich and giving to the poor, as the story goes. Robin is a long lasting legend based on a real historical person. The game offers a tried and tested game payout of 3 rows, 5-reels, along with 20 non-adjustable pay lines. The game is jam-packed with great casino features, bonuses and free spins. The bonus is a multi-screen, lavish affair, loaded with chances to earn a delicious payout. The game can boast of some excellent 3D visual graphics and rich sound effects. The game has been crafted for mobile gaming along with traditional PC playing. The game may be downloaded or played using the latest Flash technology and Instant Play.

Robin's Merry Men & Winning Symbols

Robin's merry band of bandits, misfits and loyal friends accompany him through thick and thin. Helping him evade capture from the Sheriff of Nottingham, the evil King John, the imperial guards, and the Sheriff's cruel soldiers and knights. Players can expect a colourful collection of game symbols that appear on the reels during gameplay. They include beauties such as; the beautiful Maid Marian, Prince John, Marian's Prize, the Queen, King Richard the Lion-heart, the Robin Hood game logo, a bag of money, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Robin Hood himself. The game also provides high-value cards. They include the number ten, and the Jack, the Queen, the King, and the Ace cards. There is also a Free Spins logo symbol. They all blend seamlessly into the medieval theme of the world of Robin Hood.

Robin's Wild Bonuses

There are two distinct bonus rounds incorporated into the game. The first of these sees Robin Hood competing in an archery competition called 'On the Mark Bonus.' There are three targets which Robin has to hit centrally with his one arrow. Each target conceals a multiplier, and as players select the target of their choice, Robin takes aim and shoots. Then there is the Marian's Prize mini-game, which allows players to reach the beautiful Maid Marian and the great payouts associated with her. This round is essential as 'guess who' type of game. Players rip posters off trees in an attempt to find the wanted men. Players might also encounter the evil Sheriff under a banner, so players beware! Each time players manage to find a fellow wanted man and loyal friend; they move on to the next stage. Unveiling the outlaws in all five of the levels, and Robin Hood will grab his multiplier award and climb up the tree to reach his love; Maid Marian.

Free Spins with Robin's Merry Wins

The free spins round is activated upon landing a minimum of three Free Spins Scatter symbols. Players can gain up to 20 free spins, which add innumerable chances and untold opportunities to win a payout. Once the round starts, day turns to night, and the action never ceases or relent. Robin appears stacked on the reels, under the cloak of darkness, taking up the space of three while reels, and increasing the payouts accordingly.

Wagering on Robin

The wagering process used with the game is super smooth and easy to operate thanks to the clear-cut game buttons located at the base of the screen. The 20 pay lines and coin sizes provide the ammunition for wagering. Coin sizes are as follows; $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $10.00, $2.00, and $5.00; this means the minimum bet per spin is just $0.20, betting the minimum coin size on all the fixed pay lines. The high upper limit is $100 per spin, made up of the maximum coin size of $5 on each of the 20 pay lines. High rollers can revel in the high limit, and novices can enjoy the lowest limit.

Superior Mobile Play

Robin Hood and his Merry Wins have an original and super smooth mobile version of the game. You could say that the mobile version offers some exclusive benefits and features. It increases the base game activity and playing time, which sustains the player in the base game, rather than relying on the second screen bonus, which cannot be activated during the shorter mobile play sessions. The base game is therefore empowered with smaller, multiplier based bonuses and payouts. The base game is subsequently more attractive to mobile players. The game functions across all platforms, iOS, Android and Windows Phones with HTML5 and Unity formats with Flash capability.

Verdict of Robin's Game

Robin and his Merry Wins manage to capture the humour and adventure of Robin and his fellow rebels. From Little John to Alan-a/Dale and Will Scarlett, all the heroes are here along with Robin, Maid Marian and their nemesis; the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John. The wagering is vast and varied, suitable for all players from novices to high rollers. The symbols blend with the theme beautifully and seamlessly, adding to the immersive atmosphere and thematics. The quality of the graphics and the overall flow of the game is relentless and exciting, with multiple chances to win. The free spins and two bonus rounds add value and increase players' chances. All the qualities of the game can be enjoyed on a high-quality mobile device, where the game comes into its own, especially with the bonus features the mobile gaming. All in all, Robin and his Merry Wins is a beautifully constructed slot game with lots of unique features. Enjoy a premium game such as this and savour the beauty of the game, and the excitement of the casino action.