Kung Fu Rooster Slots

Kung Fu Rooster is finally here. After months of feverish anticipation, the Rooster has landed. And not a moment too soon as it is the year of the Rooster in Chinese culture this year. The Rooster is considered a bringer of luck and fortune, fidelity, protection and physical and mental strength. These qualities will serve well when playing Kung Fu Rooster. A Chinese culture based game which really impresses, especially after the long wait and anticipation.

The Rooster is the 10th animal in the Chinese horoscope and Zodiac cycle, and the Rooster is the symbolic animal for 2017. These animals have their own qualities, yet are linked to the elements of Water, Fire, Earth, Gold and Wood. The qualities the Rooster possesses, especially this year, can be imparted to you during play. You never know, or may herald in the Jackpot for you.

Kung Fu Rooster is finally released in July 2017 and available on download, instant play and mobile versions. The game really impresses and was well worth the wait. Impressive from the explosive graphics screaming out at you from the screen, to the lovely and lively character Symbols. The game layout is made up of 5 Reels with 12 Pay Lines which are variable. The Chinese theme is prevalent throughout with a heavy dosage of the martial art; Kung Fu. A high paying Jackpot adds to the Asian spice, with a maximum payout of 50,000 times your bet.

Chinese Calendar

The game Symbols are based on the Chinese horoscope and calendar and the animations are spot on, with characters endearing and lovable. The overall look of the game as you face the screen and play is truly awesome. One can really get into the atmosphere and feel if the game. No stops have been pulled to create one of the best designed Slot games to be released in a long time. Kung Fu Rooster has all the great features one would expect from a top class Slot game. Free Spins and Bonuses abound to really spice up the flow of the game. Additionally, there is a Fire Claw Multiplier, which will increase the winning even further. The Wild Symbol is the Rooster, with the Scatter represented by the Monkey. Getting 3 or more Scatters leads to 25 Free Spins and takes you to the Fire Trials Bonus Round. Furthermore, with the Fire Claw Multiplier, wins can increase even more. The amazing Fire Claw Multiplier awards great prizes. During the first Free Spin, 1x multiplier, during the second it increases to 2x and continue to increase as you play. Winnings can really be boosted with this great Multiplier feature.

The Wild Rooster is the other powerful symbol. It may appear on the Reels to replace other Symbols, apart from the Scatter Monkey, in order to form winning combinations to increase winnings.

Other interesting character Symbols grace Kung Fu Rooster besides the above mentioned such as the Lotus Symbol and Yin Yang Symbol amongst several others of note. All the Symbols complement the game perfectly and lend credence and credibility to the overall theme.

Allow Kung Fu Rooster to transport you to the mystical world of the Chinese Zodiac. Let the Rooster impart luck to you and guide you through the maze of the Zodiac. Kung Fu Rooster is a high tension game and if you have the nerve to try it out, it may just Pay you back with luck, riches, wealth and everything your heart desires. Welcome to the Chinese Zodiac with Kung Fu Rooster to guide you to victory.