Five Figure Win Scooped By Lucky Player at BGO Casino

If you thought online slot machine wins were restricted to small amounts, think again. A recent press release revealed one lucky player scooped a five-figure sum while playing Wild Rockets at the casino.

How much was the win worth?

The player won an incredible £67,360 playing this game. That’s the equivalent of around $114,475 at the time of writing.

The player – known only as JD – scooped the incredible win while enjoying 10 free spins, one of the bonuses available to players enjoying the Wild Rockets game.

Is it worth trying Wild Rockets to see if you could win big as well?

You never know, although players can win huge prizes on a multitude of online slots games. This very same player had already won a great prize on Murder Mystery the week before, on the same site. That prize amounted to £13,531 or just shy of $23,000 if you convert it into US dollars.

Who created the winning slot Wild Rockets?

Net Entertainment designed this slot game and BGO Casino uses a lot of their games in their online casino. The other game the player won a prize on was created in-house by the team at the casino; they’ve got two other games they created themselves too. Why not drop by and take a closer look?

Why do we love reading stories about big winners like JD?

If you’ve ever placed even a single wager on an online slots game you’ll know the feeling you get when you do so. You’ll know you have the potential to win some major prizes, even if the odds are better to win the smaller ones. Of course someone has to win, and that someone could be you. We doubt the player mentioned above expected to win around $23,000 on Murder Mystery when they sat down to play. We definitely doubt he expected to come back the following week and win $114,475 too!

That’s the beauty of playing online slots – you just never know what might happen. Regardless of whether you play at that site or you choose another one that accepts US players, you’ve got the chance to be one of the next big winners if the luck falls in your favor. Check it out now and remember how much JD won on those two separate occasions. You could be next!