Six-Figure Slots Jackpot Won By Online Player

If you play online slots pretty regularly you’ll be aware that some games have progressive jackpots. These jackpots are great because they are offered in addition to any other jackpots the games might have. Every spin and wager that is made sees a small amount of cash added to the progressive jackpot. Sooner or later someone has to scoop that amount, and recently someone did just that at

How much did they win?

The prize was a little over a cool $150,000 – enough to have a real good celebration we think! The player hailed from Monmouth County in New Jersey – a state that only legalized online gambling a few short months ago. Needless to say this particular player – a man who remains nameless – will be feeling pretty glad the state did allow gambling.

Which game did he win the progressive jackpot on?

The slots game is called Going Nuts and it’s a great game that looks really good on screen. It packs in a huge amount of paylines – 30 in all – and there are five fun-packed reels in play. You might guess from the name that it involves squirrels and you’d be correct!

Are big prizes like this only payable on progressive jackpots?

Online slots jackpots come in all sizes, and while the $150,000 jackpot mentioned above is very big, it is by no means the biggest that has ever been won. Progressive jackpots can come in more than one size in a single game too. For example you might have a mini progressive jackpot, a major progressive jackpot and a mega progressive jackpot – each one bigger than the last.

And remember, you get the regular game jackpot per game too. This means you could conceivably win the game jackpot and still trigger one of the progressive jackpots if you get the right game combination to do it. Someone has to win, and as we saw with this jackpot winner it could be a six-figure win when it happens.

Try Going Nuts today, or any other progressive game

Whether you opt for Going Nuts or not, it makes sense to have a go at a few online slots games that have these additional jackpots to play for. It adds a new level of excitement to the game and that means you get to enjoy even more entertainment and enjoyment. You could be a lucky winner!