Be inspired by the latest winners at

Every online casino has its own look and feel, not to mention its own unique ways of reeling in the clients. Crazy Vegas is no different in this respect. It has a great looking home page with plenty of information on the website and what it has to offer.

You can also check out the latest winners on Crazy Vegas with ease. It’s always nice to see what other people have won and when they won it, because it makes you realize there is a chance you could join that list as well.

Where can you get this information?

You’ll find it on the home page of the website. Below the initial graphics advertising the free bets, instant play and other features, you will see a strip of information that moves from right to left. This is the latest winners strip and it has some great information on some of the big winners to have got lucky on the site recently.

At the time of writing there were some great examples on there. The names of the players are never revealed, only the initials, but you get to see how big the prizes are and in which currencies the people won them.

Some examples of big winners

JP won a massive 71,046.50 in Australian dollars on one game at Crazy Vegas on 23rd March 2014. DK won 54,867 in US dollars on the same day.

Elsewhere on the previous day a player in Europe won more than fifty thousand Euros while playing on the site. Another US winner with the initials CH scooped $69,327 on 21st March 2014, and someone else from America managed to bag a win of $91,677.56 on the same day. Another big winner claimed their prize in Canadian dollars – a bounty worth an amazing CAD$49,671.70.

There are plenty more examples just like these as well, some of which go into six figures. One of the biggest ones we saw was someone by the initials DL who won more than a quarter of a million Canadian dollars on their chosen game.

As you can see there is a lot to play for when you start playing your favorite games on Crazy Vegas. You can play in your chosen currency and look forward to the chance of scooping an amazing prize you’ll never forget too. Who is to say the odds won’t be in your favor?